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Nueva Ley, Ley de migración de la República Dominicana: promulgada en fecha 15 de agosto del Front Cover. Dominican Republic. Editora La. Not only did “the category of ‘non-resident’ [become] conflated with the concept of ‘in transit’ status” (UNHRC c, 18) because of Ley , but this law also. Download “Ley No. , General de [ ]” ( K). Database Record Number: Persistent URL: Title: Ley No.

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Dominican Republic violates int’l law in canceling citizenship

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Ley General de la Discapacidad n. The new law not only blatantly lej the Constitution as it existed then but also contained many tenets authorizing discrimination on the basis of race, class, and gender.

Dominican Republic violates int’l law in canceling citizenship

Retroactively stripping citizens of their citizenship is not the answer and could create reverberating regional issues.

Social Dynamics and Cultural Transformations. Mazzaglia, Natalia Lipmann, and Pedro F. Las violaciones de la seguridad del sistema, de la red o de las leyes que regulan la materia pueden comprometer su responsabilidad tanto civil como penal. Los key personales incluyen entre otras cosas: Shoaff Chancy, Myriam J.

Metadata of the document in the Legal Tools Database:

The first time, a JCE agent told her outright: Beyond the routine impediments to birth registration, many are vulnerable to apprehension as they journey to the JCE without documents, not to mention the high social and monetary costs related to that travel. El proceso para la solicitud de registro como usuario requiere que facilite, a modo meramente enunciativo y no limitativo: International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racism.


This systematic denationalization contravenes international law and the human rights convention that people have a right to citizenship. Would she be able to get legally married one day? B rief 9, 9 Fearing another key reminiscent of the Trujillo massacre, thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent have fled to the border.

Year of Latest Observed Constitution. She had just entered medical school when la sentencia was passed. It honors the participation and contribution of the laboring bodies that have toiled together over the generations to build both the Dominican and Haitian economies.

La prima a pagar por cada extranjero solicitante es de: Recognizing our African culture and heritage means understanding that people were enslaved, and that they fought for freedom.

Haitian mothers are disproportionately responsible for ensuring the legality of their children and therefore are more likely to contend with such obstacles. In an instant, the court expunged the citizenship of thousands of Haitians born in the Dominican Republic. The color of my skin, be it white, black, mulatto, or indio does not make me more or less Dominican. To make matters more severe, the government explicitly says that these individuals never had a right to Dominican citizenship to begin with.

The English translation is his. While these newly minted migrants can apply for naturalization in Haiti, they inevitably undergo a period of statelessness. H aitian immigrants and their descendants in the D ominican R epublic 18 Mass deportation and statelessness are eerily familiar for Dominicans of Haitian descent. The river border has come to signify the role that state terror played in demarcating the absolute symbolic boundary between Self and Other.


This idea perpetuates dominant tenets of neoliberal democracies that insist on social and cultural assimilation for entitlement and access to not only recognition but also full membership to the nation-state.

A phrase from the signs carried by those marching on the one-year anniversary of la sentencia perhaps captures the struggle best: My mother has experienced much discrimination because of being Haitian, but this was the first time that I had felt it in my own flesh and my own experience.

The altering of Haitians bodies by the machete serves as the culmination of the many previous attempts to contain race and nation. I protect their anonymity by using pseudonyms and by not specifying the name or location of their community. Comments for this post are now closed. Unique Registry of Participants. Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law 13, no.

The struggle for a more just future, in this time of greater uncertainty, necessarily insists on the adequate recognition that the bloodstains of the past have yet to be cleansed. This is nonetheless an easily avoidable problem.