Thermo Scientific Heraeus CENTRIFUGE LABOFUGE Brand: Thermo Scientific Heraeus CENTRIFUGE LABOFUGE Code: Additional. Labofuge “set” keys. Quick run speed run time lid open stop start back panel: socket for mains cable mains switch. DJB Labcare – The UK’s Leading. Information on the Labofuge Centrifuge for clinical trials; supplied by MESM to any location, pre-calibrated and ready to use.

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All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Heraeus Labofuge 300 Centrifuge Thermo Fisher Scientific

Accessories for Swinging Bucket Rotor Swinging bucket rotor assures that gel barrier adheres to the tube wall and leaves no traces of contamination in the plasma see image below.

Blue Prices show stock on hand. The gel tubes can then be stored or transported to a laboratory for virus testing. Sorry, we couldn’t find that email address. These gel tubes are spun labofuhe after a blood sample has been taken. Please edit your address or continue with your profile for free access. Using fixed angle rotors with gel barrier blood collection tubes can result in contaminated plasma.


Gel tubes tubes with a gel barrier are commonly used in virus testing. Thermo Scientific Heraeus Labofuge Centrifuge. Your data are never released.

The tubes can then be stored or transported to a laboratory for virus testing. Product Specifications The Thermo Scientific Heraeus Labofuge is a small medical centrifuge with swinging bucket rotor, ideal for centrifugation of blood collection tubes and medical laboratories or practices with low labofute throughput.

Open the catalog to page 1. Immediately after a blood sample has been taken, these tubes must be spun.

Heraeus Labofuge Centrifuge-CSA and CE Certified by Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Heraeus Labofuge centrifuge comes complete with a swinging bucket rotor, which helps labofugr the purification of plasma free of red blood cell contamination. Upon completion of centrifugation, the blood plasma and red blood cells are separated by a layer of gel, which functions as a barrier to prevent contamination and consequent decomposition of viruses in the gel tube.

Easycontrol I microprocessor control with variable pre-selection and display of speed and time, Quick-run. The swinging bucket rotor purifies plasma with no red blood cell contamination.

The email address labofue is already registered. The Heraeus Labofuge can also spin ordinary blood sample tubes and glass tubes. This gel layer prevents mixing and resultant decomposition of viruses. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Thank you for creating your profile for immediate free access.


Quote and Order Carts. Hi, I’d like to share a Terra Universal link with you.

To send to more recipients, please Log In. Inactivate Reactivate Preferred Client. Manufactured and tested in accordance with: Your profile provides free access to: Using fixed angle rotors with gel barrier blood collection tubes can result in plasma contamination. Similar Products Benchtop Centrifuges.

Call or click below for more information on terms and conditions. RCF Temperature range Noise level at max. Using swinging bucket rotor purifies plasma and protects sample from red blood cell contamination. Once centrifugation is complete, the blood plasma is separated from red blood cells by a layer of gel.

Used Heraeus Labofuge for sale by Scientific Support, Inc |

Click here albofuge continue. You can share with only one recipient if you are not signed in. Blood Collection Tubes with Gel Barrier. All prices include crating charges.