Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State — Ken Knabb Sep 18, pp. The Joy of Revolution — Ken Knabb Sep 18, pp. Public Secrets has 18 ratings and 3 reviews. Dave said: The Author, Ken, donated a number of his books to an anarchist bookstore in the bay area. From th . 4 quotes from Ken Knabb: ‘When the machine grinds to a halt, the cogs themselves begin wondering about their function.’, ‘Beauty, when it is not a promise of.

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We must immediately drop everything else to avert it! Although Knabb has remained in substantial agreement with most of the situationist kem, some of his writings can be seen as attempts to meld, or at least to juxtapose, those perspectives with the rather different tone and scope of Kenneth Rexroth and with the experiential insights of Zen Buddhism he is a long-time Zen practitioner. BZC had very few people at first — sometimes there were only four or five of us at the morning sitting.

Ken Knabb | The Anarchist Library

If you find some problematic passage, feel free to mention it to me, and I will try to specify the meaning or to explain why I chose to translate it as I did. I think that you could have made most of your points in far less space a pamphlet rather than a book.

Katagiri was his assistant. It is a concrete examination of a very concrete and very successful attempt to undermine the institution in which people like Adorno, Baudrillard and Nancy are so comfortably ensconced.

More often than not we end up lugging back extra food that was not eaten. That is described in my autobiography “Confessions of a Mild-Mannered Enemy of the State”which is included in my book “Public Secrets” and is also online at my website. On the positive side, the book is well written and communicates a number of good points.


Many of your descriptions of radical struggles are rather simplistic. Below are selections from some recent and one old emails with Ken Knabb which includes Ken’s auto-bio and then, a few Buddhistically social engaged articles from BOPSecrets.

It is true that for a revolutionary movement to get beyond a certain ekn, at some point people will have to create some sorts of modes of international coordination. I hope you have a simpler answer than this. Later that same year, he discovered some pamphlets by the Situationist International and was so struck by them that he began experimenting with critiques and interventions in a style similar to that of the knaabb.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Therefore, I need to know a lot more ,nabb anarchy — perhaps you can supply some especially good reading references. If you cannot afford the fee, talk to the sesshin director Mnabb Knabb. The only way to defend a revolution is to extend it, both qualitatively and geographically. Instead, I believe that it can be rightly understood only by being used. Overcome by their shock in May, all the researchers of historical nothingness have admitted that no one had in any way foreseen what occurred.

Mike Mann marked it as nkabb Sep 04, She is a scarcely literate Irish woman. True, these networks are extremely varied. Engaged Buddhism at an Impasse. Her husband is an alcoholic. They lay down no particular principles on which to base a movement which is real, a movement which is being born before our very eyes.

Shenderson added it Sep 28, May 11, Dave rated it it was amazing.

Strenuous but quite powerful experiences. I think you could roughly sum up their view as being that it might be better than nothing, but that it probably had little to do with revolutionary social change. Liberating technology and alienated labor Is Rexroth a utopian?

It is an empowering read. If we are not to enter the spectacle of decomposition as one more voice condemning the dominant society in abstraction while at the same time extolling one or another consumable niche, we surely must be critical of our own pleasures and the pleasures of others. Details are explained at the ke. The factors involved in this historical problem are the rapid extension and modernization of the fundamental contradictions within the present system and between that system and human desires.


I suggested to Mel that BZC try doing a more moderate version suited to us city slickers. We have to address them.

Similar authors to follow

The technologies that capitalism has developed, which do appear to have a liberatory and time-saving potential, such as computers, the internet, cars, vacuum cleaners, and medical technology of all kinds, rely on alienated labour to the extent that they are specifically tailored to the current mode of production. The latter two deal with many of the very best works.

Probably that was indeed how it seemed to many people who first saw it on a wall back in As an experiment, I am reproducing a few examples here. My current classics group meets at a nice bookstore which provides wine and snacks. I am simply saying: You feel that this movement is in line with situationist ideals? I was the recipient of both Public Secrets, and The Situationist Anthology which he had translated from french. Although you will no doubt find some differences between yourselves and them, I think there are also a number of commonalities.

The leaflet was widely distributed and reprinted, and stirred up a certain amount of sometimes heated debate among Buddhist groups. Dinner and breakfast are served in a semi-formal manner — there are the usual series of bows during serving, but none of the usual oriyoki rules apply.