Projector InFocus ScreenPlay User Manual . (see page 40) replace lamp When sending the projector in for repair, we recommend shipping the unit in its. Products 1 – of the right to download the INFOCUS LP70+ user manual Infocus Lp infocus lp service manual infocus projector infocus. And now my latest problem: My Infocus SP DLP projector from has Also attached is the service manual for the X1 which is similar.

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Also, is there a place where I can get a diagram of the inside manaul the projector and a repair manual? Shutting Down The Projector 20 minutes. Open the lamp door on the back right of the projector and check that the lamp is properly inserted in the machine and that there are no loose connections.

If it doesn’t happen within a time period, it shuts down.

Look at servoce screens and clean them off as needed. Introduction The standard accessories that came with your projector can be found on the included packing list. Using a flat-blade screwdriver, gently pry the lamp door from the projector by placing the screwdriver blade into the space between the top of the lamp door and the projector.

SP Service Manual – Fixya

The following 5 options are only available for composite, S-video, or component i sources. If I glue the mirrors so that the edges aren’t flush, would it cause the light tunnel to be a bit smaller and therefore cause the image to project smaller? The pieces are big enough to be held in one hand while you glue.


Not finding what you aervice looking for? It may have stuck from sitting. For complete details of the warranty, see the Warranty section at the end sdrvice this User’s Guide. Using the wonderful “Dust blob” disassembly guide, I took her apart.

Infocus SP powers on but no lamp – Badcaps Forums

I have glued the light tunnels back together multiple times, with extremely good results. There was no continuity which I would expect for an arc lamp. I think 8405 have found the issue In that case you may find useful the service bulletin posted below, that is illustrating how to replace the light ingocus on a light engine for Samsung rear projection TV.

The sales receipt or invoice, showing the date of pur- chase of the Product is the proof of the date of purchase.

I was wondering if servvice had something to do with how I glued it. Page 42 Re-attach the lamp connector to the projector. Re-attach the lamp connector to the projector. Problem with my projector.

SP4805 Service Manual

Connect the power cord to the Power connector on the side of the projector and to your electrical outlet. All times are Inofcus I had my light tunnel go and I went in and sure enough the mirrors had collapsed. I have absolutley no experience in taking appart electronic devices, still it only took me 2 hours to get it done. Menu options are grayed out only if the source if selected but no signal is present. For the best viewing experience please inffocus your browser to Google Chrome.


Anyone know of some weaknesses to the m1-da port?

Plug in the sevice cord and toggle the Power switch to turn the projector back on. Might be worth contacting your local Infocus repair shop and trying wervice obtain one. Adjust the zoom and focus. The parts are available, I just don’t have any on hand right now. I decided to try both the ebay power supply and rectifier board since maybe mine were cursed.

And for a little post mortum Displaying Video Displaying video Remove the lens cap.

Infocus 4805 Troubleshooting

It cannot intensify saturation, and certainly not in specific areas only. Sercice need to get this fixed and I must of messed up somewhere.

Presets—cycles through the available preset settings page The actual part name is “light tunnel” this tunnel takes the light from the bulb and compresses it into a smaller beam of light that is then shined onto the DMD million mirrors this produces the picture on a DLP TV. This allows you to customize settings and save the settings to be restored later. The LED flashes green and the fans start to run. The ripple is the same as well as seen in the pictures.