Index of /earthdawn/wastes/. Name Last modified Size Description. up Parent Directory Jul – directory _notes Jul – unknown. Earthdawn was considered one of the most innovative RPG’s of it’s time. Rereading the core rules again, after fifteen years is like taking a trip. I’m a massive fan of Earthdawn and I’ll be giving it a 5 for Substance and a 4 for Style. Furthermore, the Style rating is probably too generous.

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The Ancient Files

More is to come. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. InRedBrick announced the Third Edition of the game. Lf, wizened old dwarf man; drunkard, runs a flophouse in the dahnat.

Earthdawn – Wikipedia

Editor Scott Haring noted referring to the FASA edition that ” Earthdawn had an original, inventive magic system no mean trick given inde hundreds of fantasy RPGs that came beforeand a game world that gave you the classic “monsters and dungeons” sort of RPG experience, but made sense doing it. Outspoken, radical ork woman; adventurer, foe of Thera and Grand Elder of Lochost. Charismatic, conceited, and extraordinarily lucky elf man; General of Throalic Navy.

Half-mad troll man; proprietor of My Dead Father, Bartertown’s filthiest tavern. Enigmatic elf woman whose face is hidden behind a mask of agate she never removes; nethermancer and Horror stalker.

Note should be made that game world links between Earthdawn and Shadowrun were deliberately broken by the publisher when the Shadowrun property was licensed out, in order to avoid the necessity for coordination between earthdaawn companies.

Stern dwarf man; former corrupt Royal Guard, now the toughest erathdawn Throal’s magistrates. The player characters explore this new world, discovering lost secrets of the past, og fighting Horrors that remain. Caster Disciplines use the same Talent system as others, but also have access to spells.


Plain-spoken dwarf woman; weaponsmith and adventurer from the hinterland, newly arrived in Throal. Spells can be switched at the players will while out of combat. Depressed, self-pitying dwarf man; Officer of the Court earthdzwn charge of waste disposal. Cruel, insanely jealous ork woman; commands half of Terath’s Chargers, is suspicious of Throal.

Unbalanced human man, archer adept; recently fired from the Dream Spire Company.

Index of /media/uploaded/earthdawn

Earthdawn stands out from other tabletop RPGs with a unique approach to skill tests. During that time several novels and short-story anthologies set in the Earthdawn earthvawn were also released. For example, each Discipline has its own chapter, describing it from the point of view of different adepts. After four hundred years of hiding, the Iindex ended, and the people emerged to a world changed by the Horrors. The community that grew up around the library developed wards and protections against the Horrors, which they traded to other lands and eventually became the powerful Theran Empire, an extremely magically advanced civilization and the main antagonist of the Earthdawn earthdaawn.

In the distant past of Earthdawn’ s setting, an elf scholar discovered that the time of the Horrors was approaching, and founded the Eternal Library in order to discover a way to defeat them — or at the very least, survive them.

This is notated as “1d4 – 1”. Sadistic ork woman with incongruous love of poetry; captain of Death’s Lingering Kiss scorcher cavalry. Earthdawn’ s magic system is highly varied but the essential idea is that all player characters called Adepts have access to magic, used to perform abilities attained through their Eafthdawn.

Obsessed, eccentric dwarf woman; cut-rate sage of Bartertown with bizarre theories of history. Unemotional dwarf woman and magistrate; a good judge, but not so good at commanding guards.


Stern, male elf philosopher much respected for his dispassionate analyses of popular epic poetry. Wily, murderous dwarf man; head of Mogs, anti-reformist faction in Guild of Guildmasters. In order to get a larger audience for this edition, RedBrick published the book through Mongoose Eartbdawn Flaming Cobra imprint.

Raw casting is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the Earthdawn magic system. Retrieved from ” https: Kind-hearted, spectacularly ugly troll man; senior diplomat and expert on Theran affairs. Energetic, merry dwarf woman; head of Guild of Guildmasters and Guild of Archivists.


Subtle-minded t’skrang woman; former earthdasn, now runs several gangs in Bartertown. Misguided, irresponsible dwarf man; nethermancer obsessed with the events of the Founding. It’s also of special interest to fans of Shadowrunbecause it describes the past of the same gameworld. Boisterous male ork, Throal’s ambassador to Travar, eloquently urges all cities to adapt the Council Compact.

Set in the same world as Shadowrunmillennia earlier. For example, one magical broadsword may have only 4 magical ranks and only increases the damage of the blade. Helpful dwarf woman, distrusts adventurers; devotee of Garlen and flophouse proprietor. Two Earthdawn supplements cover territories outside Barsaive.

There were a few changes to the rules in the Second Edition ; some classes were slightly different or altered abilities from the original. Likewise, Barsaive gets a invex treatment, and the chapters contain a lot of log entries and stories in addition to the setting descriptions; the same applies to Horrors and Dragons.