The International Convention on Load Lines (CLL), was signed in London on 5 April , amended by the Protocol and further revised in LL69 Interpretation to ICLL Reg. Rev.1 July LL70 Corrosion Margin for Hatch Cover Design. Jan LL71 Similar Stage of. Rev.1 Nov LL Position of freeboard deck on float on/float off barge carriers. (Regulation 3(9)). Rev.1 July LL Interpretation to ICLL Reg.

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F min is calculated by: However, in order that such special freeboard may be granted and used, the timber deck cargo shall comply with certain conditions which are laid down in Regulation 44, and the ship itself shall also comply with certain conditions relating to its construction which are set out in Regulation International Convention on Load Lines Adoption: Ships above metres in length shall be dealt with by the Administration.

Additional freeboard may be required as determined by the Administration. Where the height exceeds the standard, no increase shall be made to the effective length of the superstructure.

International Load Line Exemption Certificate Official seal Issued under the provisions of the International Convention on Load Line s, under the authority of the Government of full official designation of the country full official designation of the competent person or organization by recognized under the provisions of the International Convention on Load Line sName of ship Distinctive number or letters Port of registry. Article 01 General obligation under the Convention Ingangsdatum: However, small access openings with watertight covers may be permitted in the freeboard deck; c a permanent working platform fore and aft fitted with guard rails is provided by the trunk deck, or by detached trunks connected to superstructures by efficient permanent gangways; d ventilators are protected by the trunk, by watertight covers or by other equivalent means; e open rails are fitted on the weather parts of the freeboard deck in way of the trunk for at least half their length; f the machinery casings are protected by the trunk, by a superstructure of at least standard height, or by a deckhouse of the same height and of equivalent strength; g the breadth of the trunk is at least 60 per cent of the breadth of the ship; and h where there is no superstructure, the length of the trunk is at least 0.

International Convention on Load Lines – Wikipedia

Permanente link Article 32 Territories Ingangsdatum: Coquimbo and Santos are to be considered as being on the boundary line of the Tropical and Summer Zones. This valve, unless idll by paragraph 1may be omitted if the piping is of substantial thickness. The certificates and permits issued under the HSC Code shall have the same force and the same recognition as the certificates issued under this Annex.


Doorways in such deckhouses or companionways shall be fitted with doors complying with the requirements of Regulation 12 1. Article 33 Registration Ingangsdatum: Ships intended for the carriage of timber deck cargo are assigned a smaller freeboard as the deck cargo provides protection against the impact of waves.

International Convention on Load Lines (ICLL )

The tarpaulins shall be waterproof and of ample strength. Permanente link Permanente link Article 14 Initial and Periodical Surveys and Inspections 1 A ship shall be subjected to the surveys and inspections specified below: Means for securing weathertightness 4 The means for securing and maintaining weathertightness shall be to the satisfaction of the Administration. The main purpose of these ocll is to ensure the watertight integrity of ships’ hulls below the freeboard deck.

Permanente link Permanente link Article 18 Form of Certificates 1 The certificates shall be drawn up in the official language or languages of 19666 issuing country. Article 03 General provisions 1 No ship to which the present Convention applies shall proceed to sea on an international voyage after the date on which the present Convention comes into force unless it has been surveyed, marked and provided with an International Load Line Certificate or, where appropriate, an International Load Line Exemption Certificate in accordance with the provisions of the present Convention.

Article 32 Territories Ingangsdatum: In addition, if the ship is less than metres feet in length, a poop of at least standard height, or a raised quarter deck with either a deckhouse or a strong steel hood of at least the same total height shall be fitted aft.

Freeboard from deck line.

International Convention on Load Lines 1966 (ICLL 1966)

When a ship departs from a port situated 196 a river or inland waters, deeper loading shall be permitted corresponding to the weight of fuel and all other materials required for consumption between the point of departure and the sea. The Administration may, however, entrust the survey, inspection and marking either to surveyors nominated for the purpose or to organizations recognized by it.

Views Read Edit View history. The freeboard deck is normally the uppermost complete deck exposed to weather and sea, which has permanent means of closing all openings in the weather part thereof, and below which all the openings in the sides of the ship are fitted with permanent means of watertight closing. Bij klikken wordt ocll externe website met een relatieoverzicht geopend op overheid. The survey shall be such as to ensure that the arrangements, materials and scantlings fully comply with the requirements of the present Convention.


Ships constructed on or after 1 July shall, as a minimum, comply with the requirements of part A of the IS Code.

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Such a ship necessarily has the following inherent features: Effective protection for the crew in the form of guard rails or life lines shall be provided above the deck cargo if there is no convenient passage on or below the deck of the ship. Permanente link Article 02 Definitions For the purpose of the present Convention, unless expressly provided otherwise: Where the height exceeds the standard the least difference Z between the actual and standard heights shall be added to each end ordinate.

If adopted by a majority of two-thirds of those present and icl in the Maritime Safety Committee of the Organization, such amendment shall be communicated to all Members of the Organization and all Contracting Governments at least six months prior to its consideration by the Assembly of the Organization. There are corrections for block coefficient, depth, superstructure, trunks and sheer.

International Convention on Load Lines

They shall be so designed as to limit the deflection to not more than 0. Freeboards and Load line s which are not applicable need not be entered on the certificate. Overzicht van meest recent bekeken documenten.

Wire rope lashings shall have a short length of long link chain to permit the length of lashings to ocll regulated. This extension shall be endorsed on the certificate, and shall be granted only where there have been no alterations in the iclll, equipment, arrangements, materials or scantlings which affect the ship’s freeboard.

The other courses shall be not more than millimetres 15 inches apart. The distance from an end bulkhead of a superstructure to the first eye kcll shall be not more than 2 metres 6. Percentages at intermediate lengths of superstructures shall be obtained by linear interpolation. Article ifll Privileges Ingangsdatum: Permanente link Article 23 Casualties Ingangsdatum: Freeboard increase over tabular freeboard for Type “B” ships, for ships with hatch covers not complying with Regulation 15 7 or 16 Freeboards at intermediate lengths of ship shall be obtained by linear interpolation.

This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat The northern boundary of the area is the southern boundary of the Tropical Zone.