Discover the latest imaginative adventure from the master of d20 psionics! During play, Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics unveils valuable game material. Hyperconscious has 6 ratings and 0 reviews. Hyperconscious: Explorations In Psionics (Dungeons & Dragons D20 Fantasy Roleplaying. Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics, not only updates Mindscapes to , but also includes an adventure and updates to the mechanics.

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Ted added it Aug 05, The feedback has one of two effects. Some other powers that had no previous scaling like avaunt which provides intimidate bonuses now provide increased benefits with the expenditure of additional power points. He does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained bonus featsmetapsionic or item creation featspsicrystal special abilities, and so on. Discover the latest imaginative adventure from the master of d2o psionics! Edit this Page All stubs.

A ghostbreaker can turn undead as divinely inspired clerics do, but she uses the power of her mental presence, not a channel to a higher power. R marked it as to-read Jan 20, The cover has a bright orange background with a meditating or concentrating robed woman surrounded by fire.


A majority of these feats are updates of feats from Mindscapes: The new powers again follow hypwrconscious pattern, and considering that the explorayions of powers were most radically changed of any part of the psionics system explotations XPH, demanded the most significant upgrades. Mudd marked it as to-read Nov 06, Now, each lone sage decries the others as frauds and proclaims unique revelations of future eras —- a future that whispers back secrets of great power!

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Most of the new prestige classes such as the Awakened Dreamer, Dream Keeper, and Dreamwright follow the adventure’s dream theme. From the back cover: Cordell even uses Hyperconscious as a route for some quickened errata or variants for existing powers. The Astral Dragoon, a astral dragoon gains additional power points per day and access to new powers as if he had also gained a level in whatever manifesting class he belonged to before he added the prestige class.


A table breaks down the feats and allows the reader to quickly see what type of hyperconscioys he might want to take.

Since the Expanded Psionics Handbook includes many of the changes introduced in Mindscapes such as removal of combat modes as a distinct ability of psionic characters and addition of feats to the psion, many of the changes that Mindscapes implemented are rendered moot. Add a copy to your collection. Kara rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Prestige classes also follow the book formula of updating previous material and supporting the adventure.

All in all, it makes a quick to resolve “psionic combat” system that is directly pertinent to other psionic power uses, even for more physical classes like psychic warriors. Written by Bruce R. The adventure itself is interesting and moody. Some tweaks are suggested for the pyrokineticist, and a new prestige class, the blade manifesterprovides a soulknife character with some psionic powers.

Hyperconscious: Explorations In Psionics

Part of the section includes details on dreamstained items, things that play an important part in the adventure. Other books in the series.

This ability absorbs only negative levels bestowed, not damage associated with the attack, if any. Unlike other updates to 3.

Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics

Layout is a little bland with no borders at the sides, but easy to read and the writing flows smoothly. This text is quoted from promotion material. The most significant and needed tweak offered here is the much maligned metamind. On rounds when the rider chooses not to induce his bayard to make an augmented attack, the bayard makes its attacks normally.

For example, in those rules, the terrain and combat mode types referred to an ability score, but the characters’ ability scores were never referred to in any way. Finally, a few metapsionic feats that never made it to the XPH are brought up-to-date here such as persistent power.


Against living creatures who bestow negative levels with powers, spells, or items, the feedback arc bestows one negative level. Overall, this provides many options for fans, depending on what they already might own or how convenient they feel it is to have revised material included.

Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics – D&D Wiki

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The institution known as the Oraculus splinters, sundering the Seven Sages. Trueno Chocolate marked it as to-read Sep 20, The institution known as the Oraculus splinters, sundering the Seven Sages.

Tags separate by space: Subject to the Product Identity designation above, the exploragions portions of Hyperconscious: This material is now fully compatible with the Expanded Psionics Handbook-and Hyperconscious is the only place you can find the updates and the new exploratiobs all in one convenient volume.

Hyperconscious Dream is the gate, Mind the fuel, and Time an illusion The former tweak seems fine while the latter to me misses the point. The adventure happens in the wake of the destruction of the so-called Oraculus, a site and organization that was the source of great prophecies.

The institution known as the Oraculus splinters, sundering the Seven Sages. Psionic feats include all standard information like prerequisite, benefit, and when appropriate, special or normal notes. Add tags Tags separate by space: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

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