COMPETITIVIDAD DE LA HIGUERILLA (Ricinus communis) PARA BIOCOMBUSTIBLE EN RELACIÓN A LOS CULTIVOS ACTUALES EN EL EDO. DE OAXACA. Cálculo del balance de energía para higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) desde las etapas de producción de campo hasta el valor energético de. and cultivated castor bean plants (Ricinus communis L.) La higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) es una planta oleaginosa cuyas principales.

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The total experimental ricijus were 12 plots and 24 subplots for a total area of 1, m 2 per experimental sampling unit and as all the plants in each subplot including plants border.

Industrial Crops and Products, 1: Thus, marginal household communities, small agricultural businesses or semi-industrial enterprises are sectors where renewable energies application has the greatest potential for a feasible development.

Ricinus communis L., 1753

Thus, this study deals mainly with agroenergy obtained from biomass coming from castor oil plant Ricinus communis L. Its seed is the castor bean, which, despite its name, communiis not a true bean. Book of Standards, Volume BRS Paraguassu, and found that increasing soil water levels caused higher rates of growth and hiuerilla, biomass production and photosynthetic efficiency of this cultivar.

Nowadays, almost everything drives from energy so managing and generating energy is of global concern. These include a burning sensation in mouth and throat, abdominal pain, purging and bloody diarrhea.

Boiled by themselves, and applied to the face for three successive days, they improve the complexion. International Journal of Science, Environment and technology.

Ricinus communis – Wikipedia

Oil from castor oil plant. Archived from the original on 4 May Fallot Review of existing and emerging technologies for the production of biofuels in developing countriesEnergy for Sustainable DevelopmentX The production time was considered from the beginning of flowering until the end of the harvest. T1, soil water tension in the substrate maintained at 0.

A review on the energy production, consuption and prospect of renewable energy in China. Borjesson Energy analysis of biomass production and transportationBiomass and Bioenergy Thus, for this study the result for the energy balance is a simple calculation among total input energy to produce the castor oil crop The experimental design was completely randomized with three treatments T and four replicates: Check date values in: An alcoholic extract of the leaf was shown, in lab rats, to protect the liver from damage from certain poisons.


The time of initial flowering and the height of insertion of the first cluster were also determined. Agunwa Extraction and characterization of castor seed oil from wild Ricinus communis linnInternational Journal of Science, Environment and technology Solo, Planta e Atmosfera: Adilson Nunes da Silva, A.

The castor oil plant is one of the few major crops to have an origin in Africa.

Thus, to reach for an energy balance calculation; bilological energy figures from higuerilla plant were compared with technical and physical energy application for crop cultivation and processing. Archived from the original on 8 May Brazil is the third largest producer of castor bean Ricinus communis, behind China and India; however, considering the present government program on biofuels, rciinus country may, in the coming years, regain the first position held in ‘s.

Ricinus communis can vary greatly in its growth habit and appearance. Solar radiation data was obtained from Embrapa weather station. Ricinus communisthe castor bean [1] or castor oil plant[2] is a species of perennial flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae.

Perinatal and Women’s Health.

Main is constantly interacting with energy flows, thus the calculation of energy balances shoul be a priority when efficiency and profitability are the main concern. These in order to improve farming techniques and to obtain high quality oils and yields, which determine the viability of castor crop projection on a large scale for industrial production of the oils in these areas.

The sap of the plant causes skin rashes. Plant of the Week: Castor bean, castor oil, biofuels, seed yield, oil yield. The seedling emergence was between 7 communi 9 days after sowing, highlighting the potential for germination earliness and Nordestina BRS genotype, this is most certainly improved the quality of the seed.

The latter by increasing effective usage and reduce wastes. Manual de Aceites y Grasas Comestibles.

The naturalist Pliny the Elder cited the poisonous qualities ricinuss the seeds, but mentioned that they could be used to form wicks for oil lamps possibly if crushed togetherand the oil for use as a laxative and lamp oil. In a study with castor bean plants under water stress, Heckenberger et al.


Ricinus communis

Regarding seed production, the highest values were obtained with the material and within the Nordestina with the greatest distance Results Throughout the analysis of energy flows, it can be established the energy flows, the identification of individual and entire energy demand and determinate the whole energy performance, which is revealed by means of the net gain and also by the ratio of energy made available over the invested energy.

The caruncle promotes the dispersal of the seed by ants myrmecochory. Archived copy as title CS1 errors: For clarifying the above statement, Table 2 shows the energy balance for an oil seed rape crop, which includesthe technical energy required for manufacturing the chemical energy contained into the agrochemical products, but does not considers the internal energy inside these individual chemicals components.

Besides, in T1, plants presented larger LA leaf area and higher water availability, causing the highest transpiration rate values Figure 2. With the biodiesel production incentive grant program in Brazil, castor bean Ricinus communis crop has gained greater importance in the agricultural scenario.

In Haiti it is called maskreti[35] where the plant is turned into a red oil that is then given to newborns as a purgative to cleanse the insides of their first stools. Al Guaranycultivated in pots, and a tensiometer was installed at 0. In our study there was a close relation between decrease in castor beans vegetative growth and flowering time, once the lowest values of LA, plant height and stem diameter were found in treatment T3, where plants flowered earlier Figure 1Tables 1 and 2.

The leaves of some other varieties are green practically from the start, whereas in yet others a pigment masks the green color of all the chlorophyll -bearing parts, leaves, stems and young fruit, so that they remain a dramatic purple-to-reddish-brown throughout the life of the plant. Figure 1 shows that castor oil plants seeds have the largest concentration of energy.

Seeds were tested in a trademark calorimeter LECO by following the manufacturer standard procedure and Table 4 shows heat values from those seeds.