Korean folktale about two brothers. Get the resources for teaching this story here – Korean Short Story I: Heungboo and Nolbu 흥부와 놀부. Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Nolbu and Heungbu. Nolbu was rich but greedy. Heungbu. Here is the story of Heungbu and Nolbu. Older brother Nolbu is greedy and cruel, while younger brother Heungbu is kind and good-hearted.

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He had caught a swallow, broke its leg and tied it with splints. Learn how your comment data is processed. Apparently the bird snapped a gourd and a bunch of poop came out and sprayed all over Nolbu.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thinking that this was strange, Hungbu picked up the seed and planted it in the garden. This time, it was gold which flowed out in large quantities. So, he immediately built a swallow’s nest and waited for a swallow to come and make its home there.

The sparrow, so thankful for his care, had soon brought three gourd seeds that Heungbu could plant. Things continued to happen just as Hungbu had described. Without hesitation, Nolbu met Heungbu and asked him how he became so rich so quickly. Hungbu was a very hard worker, but for some reason he didn’t have much luck.

It seems to be a well-known story in Korea, one every child is told. You can change, you can become a better person. Heungbu chased the snake away and treated the swallow’s broken leg. Nolbu, thinking that everything would be all right if he could just open up the other gourds, split open the third gourd.


Repay your loans or else we will take everything from you. Then everyone returned to their places.

Heungbu and Nolbu

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hungbu divided his fortune equally with his brother and both of them lived happily ever after! The plant began to grow at a great rate. There are many variations of this story, several of which can be read, or watched, on-line.

The Story of Heungbu and Nolbu May Be the Greatest Folktale Ever! – Bobo and ChiChi

I like it up to the point where the brother shares his gold. The swallow heals and flies south in winter. His compassionate brother took pity on him and welcomed him warmly. After doing some research we found that this story is freaking crazy and has to be shared.

That’s our way of saying thank you, and joining us on our amazing journey! Heungbu and Nolbu are brothers. Sign up and get Free Hyper-Lapse tips right in your inbox.

Heungbu and Nolbu were brothers. Seeing the snake, the swallow fell to the ground, breaking its leg. To their great surprise, they found gemstones inside. Greed, an excess of desire for something, is an unpleasant characteristic to posses. Leave a comment Cancel reply.

Andd swallow at Hungbu’s house, now fully recovered, flew off in fine spirits. The older brother was called Nolbu, and the younger brother was called Hungbu. I like this one. However, Nolbu tricked Heungbu’s family and threw them out in order to keep the entire fortune to himself.

Their father dies and leaves his fortune to both brothers to split, Nolbu is basically nllbu F you bro, I am taking it all. However, out of the gourd came many little imps wielding sticks.


I had heard this story when my mom was reading a Korean book with many folktales heunbgu it. Then he rubbed some ointment on the injured leg, wrapped it up with string, and placed the bird nopbu in its nest. In the autumn, he and his wife used a saw to heunbgu the gourds, which were packed with jewelry and gold.

Another reason is that in the Golden Touch, King Midas was very greedy for money and gold just like Nolbu in this story. Here is a list of his favorite activities: In handwritten and printed forms, the story of the two brothers is known by several different but similarly phrased titles, including Hungbo-jon “The Story of Hungbo” and Pak Hungbo- jon “The Story of Mr. The third holds a beautiful nymph who calls bottels out of the remianing.

One of heungbi sparrows broke its leg and Heungbu healed it. There was one brother that was greedy and one was generous. Repay your loans or else we will take everything from you.

The bird flew south and returned with a seed the following year. This time a number of debt collectors appeared. Heungbu tells him the story and Nolbu is like I have to get in on this action. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Nolbu also loved just being a dick and do some real twisted things to people.