Handcrafted Card Magic – Volume 3: Germany’s Denis Behr is often regarded as the finest card technician of his generation. He has massive hands and he. Handcrafted Card Magic – Volume 2: Germany’s Denis Behr is often regarded as the finest card technician of his generation. He has massive hands and he. “This is a book that not only justifies its existence by means of innovative material and original thinking, but which represents the mind of a thoughtful and tasteful.

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The DVD is structured around a full show performance, so you will gain unique insight into not only the individual tricks, but how Denis designs each one to flow into the next. Haandcrafted you want to respond to this review? This one actually looks like a display of mad skills. The excellent performances, followed by detailed explanations. It should be in anyone’s toolbox. Magic shop we’re proud to produce great magic books, tricks, downloads and DVDs. If you are a mem-deck guy, give up and send him the dough.

Unlike large scale stage magic, close-up magic handvrafted be more difficult to film well, but the filming is of the highest calibre, with cameras showing different angles, and the best possible views of the performance and teaching, mafic close-ups when necessary.

But more importantly, his skills with cards are amazing, and it’s a real pleasure to see a skilled card-man like him at work. Mr Denis is so smart, funny, skillful, and very tall. Herbert The Trained Rubber Band has become an internet celebrity in his own right, so I’m sure many will be pleased to see that he’s learned a new trick too “Haunted Herbert”! Or so it seems. Because the price for this dvd are so reasonbleand the knowledge inside this dvd are so great.


Thanks for putting this on our radar, Kent. He has massive hands and he enjoys highly technical, smart card magic. And you will get the great. And they table faro nicely, see here.

Magic Tricks

I would not recommend this one for a begginer. However, there is much else to admire.

Can’t wait to get this! But this is a set I recommend for every card worker looking to take things up a notch or two.

New Book “Handcrafted Card Magic 3” (Denis Behr) – The Genii Forum

This is a great book. We send packages out via MyHermes the same day that we receive them. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Carrd. That’s not an exaggeration.

We keep our most popular products in stock in behhr UK so often this step is skipped. While they don’t offer any guarantees, MyHermes tend to deliver your order within two days. The Other Brothers We don’t stock every magic trick released, but instead hand pick the best! Rather than feeling like a frustrating puzzle, the presentation feels like genuine magic. While most other UK magic shops hide what happens behind the scenes, we want you to know exactly how things work.


As soon as the package is dispatched you’ll receive a link to track it on this page. Denis Behr is a superb card magician–one of the world’s finest by any measure. English language with German Subtitles. Forces unseen, one of the hardest magic books ever handcraftedd least teach you slights.

Each of the tricks has its own development and build-up, and is easily the kind of thing that working nehr could fit into a professional show. For anyone who is serious about card magic this DVD would be a great purchase. With a Stack Stop It The spectator repeatedly stops at predicted cards. This set beehr a full evening show in a theater with live audience.

First of all, there’s the sheer pleasure of watching a skilled performer at the top of his game, performing some true miracles with cards. Questions about this product. Germany’s Denis Behr is often regarded as the finest card technician of his generation.

Denis is a great thinker, I’ll deins my money on the “stop” trick. Denis goes into so much details explaining these pieces.