Fever is a young-adult dystopian novel written by Lauren DeStefano. It was published on February , by Simon & Schuster Book’s For Young. Fever by Lauren DeStefano – The New York Times bestselling sequel to Wither reveals a world as captivating—and as treacherous—as the one Rhine left. Fever by Lauren DeStefano, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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See the spoiler for more details: Why didn’t she take off her wedding band? This is how I read books, and because I value direct communication, I probably base a lot of my opinion about a book on how clearly I can understand who wrote it and what the agenda is. They met up with all sorts of people. I want to give this book 3 stars just because I loved Wither so much, but it’s really more of a 2.

Outside, they find a world even more disquieting than the one they left behind. Some where explained as the story progressed, especially one that caused my head to ache, but at that point I did not care. Description The second book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy reveals a world as captivating–and as dangerous–as the one Rhine left behind in Wither. Obviously, that’s sounds more easy that what it is because they live in a world where their youth coupled with the virus makes them a target for prostitution, weird scientific experiments, and forced servitude.

Da waren ja die neu vorgestellten Figuren Maddie, Lilac und Grace schwungvoller.

» Fever by Lauren Destefano

Here, they meet a prostitute named Lilac and her disabled daughter, Maddie. He kissed back, all the pages spread out around us like riddles waiting to be solved.


Rhine is trying to find her brother, while Gabriel is lakren the outside of the Mansion for the first time in a decade.

I just love it! In the last eighth of the book, everybody is awake, and we finally get some action.

Fever | Book by Lauren DeStefano | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

You don’t have wait and reveal everything at the end. The writing, sort of. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! They find a fortune teller and Rhine tries to find out about her twin brother, Rowan, but is unable to. Fever picks up where Wither left off, with Rhine and Gabriel on the run, but as soon as they think they are safe they fall into another place they will need to escape.

On top of that, there’s a malformed child that only crawls and can’t speak but is apparently intelligent–I suppose we are supposed to somehow identify her? She looks like she is strung out on drugs. Rhine is a very relatable character. Her characterization was genius and while it may seem like you should feel sorry for her handicaps, she doesn’t need your pity.

However, if you’re going to write a world like fevsr, you have to be willing to follow through with the consequences and do shitty things to your female heroine, or have reasonable explanations for why she makes it through unharmed. I could live off of bread, water and pretty prose for the rest of my days. I guess I have to wait for the next one! I really wanted to learn more about the real world outside the mansion but it just felt like not very much happened in this book.

While I could tolerate her recollections of her life with her brother I could not stomach her nostalgia of being with Linden and her sister wives. I think in this sequel the laurne between action and detsefano is perfect, much better than in the first book! I admire that SO much about her. Other books in the series. That’s pretty much it, but the book is also very readable, which is what led me to rate this book too highly initially.


Rhine is just as strong as ever. Nothing exciting happens and it didn’t answered anything of what’s the problem in their society.

I’m gonna be honest 4. I can’t wait another almost year!

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Lauren DeStefano is undoubtedly an author worth starting a collection for! I mean, even if you mutter very softly and don’t enunciate, I’m pretty sure you still know what you’re saying.


A bit of a stretch, but I’m willing to believe this, since Landen’s a bit wimpy, he’s dealing with grief over his real wife’s death, and he has two destefamo women to bone anyway. Housemaster Vaughn shows up and takes Rhine back to the mansion he put trackers in all of the girls so he would know their location and keeps her in the basement to experiment on.

Linden “loves” his wives, and he had an “understanding” with at least one of them, so therefore having sex with them is fine. You know, I think after talking to a couple of people about it, reading a couple of reviews, I can see better why someone would like these books.