From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, far-future Culture (The Player of Games, , etc.). Set in the remote future, Banks’s (Feersum Endjinn) latest novel mounts a galactic-scale space opera, or, to be more exact, a space opera buffa. The Culture, a. Joining me for this review of the fourth book in Iain M. Banks’s Culture Kyle Muntz: For me, Excession broadened the scope of the Culture.

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Who had done this? I’m still reeling from how good this book was. The representation paused, to let Genar-Hofoen react to the name of the ship. This puts them in conflict with a number of AI or giant Artificial Intelligence machines called Minds who also bamks to have this artifact. Then he was in the hold of a ship, crammed in with thousands of other people in the darkness, surrounded again by stink and filth and screams and pain.

Excession – Wikipedia

Consistent with what would have happened if something just like itself had attacked it. I’ve hated you, I’ve loved you, and I’ve been wildly frustrated by you. If you could have anything you wished for? The shifting air brought with k a smell of burning and vaporisation; aluminium, polymers associated with carbon fibre and diamond film, superconductor cabling.

It would take it days to bootstrap the routines that would even start to replace the mechanisms that would construct the self-repair nano-units. The alarms dopplered down to silence. The displacerit thought. The events of this novel take place on such a grand scale that the human affairs described seem almost humorously quaint and unimportant. Remain calmthe machine told itself.

Consisting of twelve parts, with each one divided into shorter-length chapters, Iain M. PASTthe first was labelled. Showing of reviews. This time it’s his novel Excession. Steady lines of waves broke on the grey slope of the shingle beach, beating on shattered, ground-up shells, tiny fragments of hollow animal carapaces, brittle lengths of light-blighted sea-wrack, water-smoothed slivers of wood, pitted pebbles of foamstone like dainty marbles of porous bone and a general assortment of seaside detritus collected from a handful-hundred different planets strewn across the greater galaxy.

It was supposed to wait until the attack had reached a plateau phase and the aggressor thought that it was just a matter of mopping up the last dregs of opposition before it made its move, but the attack had been too sudden, too extreme, too capable.


It’s impossible, I think, to really model the way such intelligent beings would think. I wouldn’t start the Culture series with this novel, but it’s still a very good one and worth reading if you like the others.

But I wouldn’t start the Culture series here. Customers who bought this item also bought. She kpew this school, too; she had watched three generations of these huge, gentle creatures live and die; she had watched them and she had swum with them and – once – assisted in the birth of one of their young.

The detailed service log was missing. The ship shuddered; the few remaining lights flickered, dimmed and went out. The drag lines had stopped. A matrix of figures flashed into its consciousness. The drone felt weird. But the point is that Special Circumstances thinks she might know something about the artifact.

Humans don’t get off much better. Would you guys try it out if it was as easy to switch back and forth as in the Culture? In spite of their hyper intelligence they have distinct personalities and agendas. A series of sharp impacts registered through the companionway shell walls with resonations in the craft’s secondary and primary structure. I’ve not described it very well, but basically you have the intimate story of the various people; Genar Hofoen, Dajeil, and Ulver Seich who are brought together; stories of past events Genar Hofoen and Dajeil both becoming pregnant, after Hofoen sublimates from male to female; their falling apart ; both complex and simple.

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I guess I shouldn’t say too much about it. On top of the suit he usually wore a gilet with pockets for gadgets, gifts and bribes and a crotch-cupping hip holster containing a couple of antique but impressive-looking hand guns. It also assesses whether the species and societies it encounters are suitable to be enlightened about some unknown further existence beyond the universe; as a result of events in the story the Excession concludes that the civilisations it has encountered in this universe are not yet ready for enlightenment.

There was nobody to talk to, nobody to interview, nothing to do profiles of. The light was blinding white and the cold, thin air rasped the back of his throat.


Excession (Culture, #5) by Iain M. Banks

He hadn’t heard that name for a while, hadn’t had to think about that old machine for a long time. Banks has been grappling in all of his Culture novels, and Excession is perhaps his most explicit examination of that question to date, even though it came out ‘way back in The prose is literate and a pleasure to read as always, the lyrical passages, the action packed scenes and the humorous moments as all there.

Banks, a minor character in some of P. Which is to say that my mind wandered a hell of iai lot during this audiobook.

Excession by Iain M. Banks

The usual example given to illustrate an Outside Context Problem was imagining you were a tribe on a largish, fertile island; you’d tamed the land, invented the wheel or writing or whatever, the neighbours were cooperative or enslaved but at any rate peaceful and you were busy raising temples to yourself with excesssion the excess productive capacity you had, you were in ixin position of near-absolute power and control which your hallowed ancestors could hardly have dreamed of and the whole situation was just running along nicely like a canoe on wet grass… when suddenly this bristling lump of iron appears sailless and trailing steam in the bay and these guys carrying long funny-looking sticks come ashore and announce you’ve excssion been discovered, you’re all subjects of the Emperor now, he’s keen on presents called tax and these bright-eyed holy men would like a word with your priests.

He was pulling down his trousers as he entered the module’s main social area, shuffling forward bent over and holding on to the wall as he cursed the exceszion and tried to kick them off without falling over. It’s somewhat all over the place, but still recommended. I asked around some of my contacts before I agreed to do this; everything checks out, everything seems to be… reliable.