Fax. +49 (0) / [email protected] / www. Technical Data. Modifications or deviations are reserved R Elster A Current favourite; Optional RS; Measuring instantaneous values; active, reactive and apparent; emailed Elster on 5/12/12 for. Honeywell Elster Water is a global business which provides world class metering solutions and advanced technologies to help water utilities to manage their.

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Hardware and Software requirements 4 2. Any further sale is prohibited without the. Product features and capabilities The scanning frequency has been selected so as to ensure that the electrical energy contained in the harmonics is acquired with the specified class accuracy. The symbols for the measured variable involved have been switched a2220 if the power is below the device’s start-up threshold. They are safeguarded by: It includes information s about: B21 B21 Document ID: Only a password is required.

The end of the integration period is always specified by the IP raster. The final value in the call list is the end-of-list identifier, which is designated in the display’s value range by the word “End” Load profile values of the selected day Display of the day block selected begins by elsyer the oldest load profile values stored on this day the value stored at 0.

Power data collected every 3 seconds. Indicator for positive active power Arrow to the left: Duration of the maximum period: Customer Provided Equipment Configuring the Ethernet port.

Buying and installing a smart meter

Generates an image of each a2200 heat consumption and makes it available for readout. Official Ubuntu package available for If the time limit after the last touch on the button has been reached this can be parameterized in a range from 1 min to 2 h or the alternate button has been kept depressed for not less than 5 s, the meter will automatically switch over to the operating display.

  KCO 110S PDF

With this approach the frequently reading of gas and water meters is included. CT clamps I think I need the 40A clamp for cables routed through the clamp, cat number Power failure a Integration period is ended b Integration period is not ended Power recovery a A new integration period is started, and terminated synchronously with the device time b Depending on the duration of the interruption, either the integration period elstr at the time of the power failure will be continued, or a new and perhaps shortened integration period will be begun.

Enmetric PowerPort and Wireless Bridge for plug-level data.

AS220 Single phase Smart Meter. Product manual

X 6 Voltage phase L X. If the real-time clock stops running the meter can be set to a predefined tariff Correction of the RTC There are several options for correcting the RTC clock of the meter. If in conjunction with the load profile readout there is no entry in the inquiry for the OBIS Identifier of a measured value, the meter will respond with all available measured values in its profile.

In the meter, Delta values and register readings can be displayed in parallel. The AC gives gives kwh and kvarh measurements. Functions of the Software The number of the reset counting mechanism simultaneously serves as an auxiliary Identifier for the preceding values. With the integrated SmartSlot technology, mx systems ag offers automatic consumer data read-out.

Buying and installing a smart meter

The reply generated by the meter here is given as a self-sufficient telegram. FW Essential features of the alpha meter High accuracy Digital measured-value processing with a digital signal processor DSP and high sample rate for accurate, flexible measured-value processing in all 4 quadrants Integrated communication module With the integrated communication module the meter can be used for Smart Metering application.


If the time limit after the last touch on the button has been reached this can be parameterized in a range from 1 min to 2 h or the alternate button has been kept elsher for not less than 5s, the meter will automatically switch over elsteer the operating display.

This manual offers important information and suggestions with respect to installation.

The total parameters provided for the block demand measurement are as follows: It contains in the “Address” field of the first data record the OBIS Identifier of the first load profile excerpt of the reply.

The following equation shows how total active power is calculated using theft-resistant measurement. Quad Quad More information.

The measured values involved are displayed in rolling mode, with the data relevant to billing being displayed for a configurable duration e. The A permits up to 90 days of load profile data to be collected in less than 30 seconds. Getting Started Create your project team such that all critical More information.

Andrea di Rovereto 33 c. Furthermore all register data can be readout by the optical interface Anti Tampering features The meter supports a lot of anti tampering features.