Sep 28, GW necessarily makes the FAQ/Errata with the tournament scene in mind, Could someone explain how this effects Eldar Webway Strike and. Eldar/Species Abilities/Outsider: Change this to. “+2DN to all Interaction tests with WRATH & GLORY CORE RULES ERRATA. September 10 Version 2. Jul 2, Now that 8th Edition’s been out a while, it’s time to get some things straight. Newly released from Games Workshop–a huge new list of errata.

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I think people are underestimating the impact these changes will have on the NoVa winning list. And I do get the whole competitive aspect and the “why wouldn’t you use the most powerful weapon? Games that are decided on turn1 should be rare, not anywhere close to the norm.

I’m not even mad. I run my primaris as counts as regular marines, so these will help to make the rhinos more believable as transports without changing them too much size wise.

CP farm warlord traits and relics are no longer auto-take! Was reaaaaally hoping they’d errata plasma to work like it does in kill team, and only blow up on unmodified 1s.

Armorium cherub can errta be resurrected with a narthecium if used to reload. Clarifications to Daemonic Ritual. Awww, erdata poor Alpha Legion. I absolutely agree that the list will have to change a bit, and that the CP hit is still quite significant.

I did a quick search to see if anyone else has discussed this with no luck. A- yes, treat such units as they are arriving on the battlefield as reinforcements” That was always the argument, you can’t warptime your dark matter crystal’d tzaangors because they count as reinforcements according to that clause in the faq. It means the list has to play a lot differently in order to win and they lose an average of CP across the course of a game.


Their infiltrate was already better than a lot of others. Some good streamlining and quality of life changes. Basically infiltrators have deep strike like terminators, kommandos, obliterators etc. On top of that they were ignoring screens with the smash captains and making 0″ charges, and with orders and AM strats able to take down a lot of enemy screens turn 1 if they went first.

A- yes, treat such units as they are arriving on the battlefield as reinforcements”. Clarifications on a few points. You can’t bring them in first turn.

September FAQ/Errata UPDATE : Warhammer40k

That’s a pretty huge change. If they want to nerf they should at least say “screens weren’t effective enough so we decided to buff them”. Didn’t fix the problem at all, just slaped a bandage on a specific unit and stratagem combo rather than addressing the real issue.

Blood Angels, Grey Knights, and others all get seriously hurt CP changes, Freeblade clarifications, few other minor clarifications.

Oh man, that’s bunk. I can’t count the number of times my Harlequins have disembarked and charged erratx other units to tie up tanks or pick off characters.

Also, why Terminators can’t float around in Repulsors. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Running an actual BA list Oppose to soup is already a pretty rough ride, with us already needing to use a lot of CP, and struggling to generate them in the first place. More news after IK’s launches.


And with CA around the corner with points changes, we may see an even further nerfing of the castellan then. Fusion pistols my dude. As it stands the list will peter out quicker, but I’m not experienced enough to claim outright weather that is sufficient.


The tournament meta choices would be just as destructive in a casual game. Unfortunately, Blood Angels are getting screwed because Smash Captains in elrar lists are just too strong. A screen now completely stops Harlequin charges. You and me both Seems they just don’t have any changes to make, which makes sense. Jury Rigging and Take Cover stratagem changes.

Other clarifications Death Guard: Changes to flip belt. It’s similar to grenades in 7th ed. It never made sense to me why ten Tacticals could fit in a Rhino, but Emperor eladr if Primaris try.

You can’t “go elsar those giant hordes, you have to completely bypass them Flip Belts. However read literally, it was 1 grenade in shooting phase. I’ve wanted to run a Hades in a penal “construction” style legion for a while.