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New Player Choosing a Craftworld : Eldar

The immature, who are still vulnerable to the promises and seductions of Chaos, find that they are unable to pass through its gateway. The Craftworld is described as a continent-sized, flat disk although there are hundreds of levels whose surfaces contain numerous domes, each with its own environment and climatic theme.

If elxar Iyanden they essentially ignore morale or take the Avatar so they actually do. Eldar Exodites often trade with their counterparts who live in the Craftworlds, but believe that the Craftworld Eldar are too close to the old ways of decadence for their own good. An Eldar Guardian of Craftworld Lugganath. So thorough were the Night Lords in their assault on Ila-Manesh that they left the Craftworld a tomb, with no artifacts and no living Eldar remaining.

He found that the Eldar of Altansar had survived ten thousand years within the Eye. And the fire prism is now a weapon of mass destruction — against both single tough targets and crowds. They also craftwodlds to use striping techniques on their vehicles. Cast protect on them The symbol of Yme-Loc, the Crucible of Souls, reference the crucible within which the smith-god Vaul forged weapons of purest Wraithsteel alloy with the spirits of the victorious in order to wage the War in Heaven.

The meaning of their world-rune is unknown.

Today, the Craftworld Eldar comprise the largest number of Eldar left within the galaxy, but morbidly most are no longer amongst the living, their souls now residing within the Craftworlds infinity circuit They have similar goals in elxar the Eldar but differ in their approach in doing so. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The power contained within it can be expended as light and heat, and most ship-board devices could not actually function without the wireless psychic power grid that runs throughout the substructure of the Craftworld.


While all Craftworlds make use of the Rangers, who are the most highly accurate snipers amongst the Eldar, none field or produce more than Alaitoc.

Craftworlds have always been fairly quick to destroy targets, and have suffered a high attrition rate despite their meager numbers, with even most of the Caftworlds Craftworlds having been wrecked or reduced to but shadows of their former strength.

An Eldar Guardian of Craftworld Altansar.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: The Path of the Seer is long and treacherous, leaving little time for an Eldar to focus upon the Path of the Warrior. M38, when this Craftworld was visited by a large troupe of Eldar Harlequins, during their performance, the Solitaire was none other than the trickster Tzeentchian daemon known as the Changeling.

The Iyanden Craftworld was once one of the largest and most prosperous of all the remaining Eldar Craftworlds.

In my opinion that is where the strength of this codex really lies. Probably not Alaitoc though. However, the units you could barely see on the tables before, have now risen. They are fierce warriors, who place upon honour a higher value than their sophisticated kin. So play whatever you want for a specific game, you are never locked in permanently. At the time, the Craftworld was in fixed orbit around a dying star, using the tremendous energy of the star’s dying throes to recharge its solar sails.

They are known for their talented Bonesingerswho are said to be able to practice their art even in the heat of battle.

Ads by Project Wonderful! In times of extreme need, such as during the Imperium of Man’s recent invasion of Alaitoc, the Craftworld sometimes recalls its Rangers to contribute to Alaitoc’s defence forces.

One of these, Ghostcrusherstood out as a particularly savage machine beast.

This bitter retreat let the regiments of the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines overrun the settlements of Exodites that existed at the Craftworld’s periphery. Theminarae was a Craftworld that was destroyed when it crashed upon the world Quintus in the wake of a Warp Storm that ravaged the Calaphrax Cluster.


With heavy hearts, they altered the Craftworld’s course towards the nearest sun and headed home. Though the Eldar force were few, when considered on a galactic scale, their mastery of the Webway allowed their fleets and warhosts to span the stars with a speed and surety no other race could ever have hoped to match. Young Guardians are always trying to outdo each other in contests of speed, and particularly in battle.

A similar skeletal core lies at the heart of most Eldar constructions and every one of their craftworlcs. Alaitoc was recently assaulted by a huge Imperial force after an attack by Eldar Pirates on an Imperial shipping convoy was traced back to the Outcasts’ home Craftworld, which happened to be Alaitoc.

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As mentioned, the populations of the Craftworlds of the 41st Millennium probably now comprise the majority of the surviving Eldar race in the galaxy of the 41st Millennium, although it is impossible to say just how many Eldar this actually is.

Despite their differences all of them are on the same page when it comes to fighting Chaos. Somewhat questionably for traders, they didn’t install any sort of Webway or Warp drives on the Craftworlds, instead forcing the Craftworlds to travel at sublight speed. An Eldar Guardian of Craftworld Telennar.

Eldar Craftworlds

Yriel and his exile Eldar pirate raiders, even though previously vowing never to return to Iyanden, could not bear to have their Craftworld destroyed and launched an attack on the Tyranid fleet. The cractworlds psychic shockwave of Slaanesh’s awakening caught some of the Craftworlds and destroyed them crafrworlds the Eldar homeworlds, while others were pulled into orbit around the newly-formed Eye of Terror Warp rift at the moment of the Prince of Pleasure’s birth.

For example, the humble storm guardian. Their relic and warlord trait is amazing and if you have loads of infantry with Shruiken weapons I have 80 in my 2k list then the rerolling 1s is devastating.