The Egogram Test Question 10 of If I want to say something, I say it. True Not sure. False. Calculating your result Other Tests. personality, ego, egogram, transactional analysis, analysis and phycological test, egogram has been originated and used widely in medical, clinical. This test is based on transactional analysis. One of the better approaches to understand what’s happening in the relations that we share with others. The test is.

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You might not be easygoing. You never question yourself before acting. The other ones were difficult to answer due to the multiple grammatical errors. You think of others’ well-being first.

You have a particularly “young” nature. You can even adapt yourself, you might be yourself changeable or even volatile. You like to get along with others and be appreciated.

You have a good grasp of reality, although sometimes too much. You are trying to sort yourself out and you do not have the answers to your questions. Easygoing, most of the time I am.

Concerning your capacity for change: You are everything but the good Samaritan. You want to be close to others and be liked by them. Relating to the “Parent-Adult-Child” model, it can be stated that: You show little energy, little spontaneity. You generally know what you want, and you listen to others. Concerning your capacity for change You have an inner life and you also appreciate the world around you. You do not always rely on your thoughts to understand reality.


The most significant points 2. Do you have feelings at all? Please, this makes no sense. Weak Parent dimension; You do not particularly care about values or other people. Higher than average “Child” dimension: You sometimes behave according to what people might think, without always depending on it.

The Egogram test

It can be understood to be the driving force of your behavior. What did you get?

I had my results up for the Egogram and the Energogram, but after I finished all of the four tests, I was given a “Profile Type”, which I found to be more or less accurate. Strong Child eggramme You are an emotional person with all of the excessive behaviour that this implies.

Higher than average “Adult” ; you interpret reality in a rational way. You appear to be a rather calm person, with no essential need to spend energy expressing yourself.

You like diversity and doing things as you please, but you fear failure. I did the first test, it was interesting, some parts of the results were true and some weren’t. You do not have mood swings. Your psychological autonomy Going along with the previous section, you are rather independent, psychologically speaking.


The Egogram Test

You think that they are important and you are convinced of their usefulness. You enjoy taking time to polish up your thought and distantiate. Add Thread to del. You are not a normative person. Generally speaking, you act without too much hesitation.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg StumbleUpon del. Rules are quite unknown or useless to you. The Egogram test The Egogram test I have not seen these tests here. You do not pay much teat to rules or do not observe them at all. Solve a test too long for sanity!

The Egogram Test

Your thoughts weigh on your actions too much and you might forget your emotions. Very adaptable to change, you are also capable of being a leader. You express yourself with reserve. You do not have a special need for recognition. You are sensitive tedt the affective side of situations. Lower than average “Adult” dimension: People look at me say: