The GMC DUKW was an acronym combining several designations, The DUKW on a supply action, acting as a marine truck between the. Although technically a misnomer, DUKWs are often referred to as duck boats. DUKW’s in Action. The DUKW was used in landings in the Pacific, in North Africa, . DUKW in action in action. By Timothy J. Kutta. Color by Don Greer. Illustrated by Perry Manley ституттуктору. M титлатилишига милиционирхох.

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The DUKW’s ability to board and debark without assistance via way of an LST’s ramp actiln the ship to anchor offshore, thereby reducing reef and beach congestion and lessened the danger of enemy fire on ship and personnel. The final liberation of the Philippines Campaign. Previous Article Casting for Souls. The rd, th and th Transportation Corps Amphibious Truck Companies were assigned to the initial assault.

Standard catalog of U.

When a United States Coast Guard patrol craft ran aground on a sandbar near Provincetown, Massachusetts, an experimental DUKW happened to be in the area for a demonstration scheduled to take place kn few days later.

Surviving DUKWs have since found popularity as tourist craft in marine environments. When the weather turned, it was the DUKW that saved the day. US Army Transportation Museum.

Instructors and maintenance officers were sent to General Motors Corporation’s War Products School in the fall of The DUKWs formed two columns and headed for shore. Production was stopped in It accustomed the assault troops to the kind of terrain xction would be encountering, tested and prepared the equipment with waterproofing, and procedures in demolition of obstacles.


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That value seems awfully small, to the point of it being unbelievable. Many were redeployed to Borneo during the Indonesia—Malaysia confrontation of — Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage actin. Many of the DUKWs ran afoul of the steep beaches and broached when the front wheels dug down into the sand or volcanic ash and could not get sufficient traction to pull the vehicles forward. Next Article Dreams in the Desert.

That summer, he and the engineers worked on getting their DUKWs in a row. Excelling at approaching and crossing beaches in amphibious warfare attacks, it was intended only to last long enough to meet the demands of combat. This was the only wheeled amphibious vehicle serving in such numbers on the Allied ib.

Jane’s International Defence Review. xukw

While some of the DUKWs landed without difficulty, duk were swamped after exhausting their limited fuel supply or developing mechanical problems. The evacuation of casualties during this operation showed a marked improvement over any previous operations of this group.

Atcion procedure was lengthy and difficult. Although tracked actioh vehicles were often preferred, DUKWs were massively employed during nearly all island assaults conducted until the end of the war, and the whole Philippines campaign. Hundreds were converted to odd-looking dump trucks or wreckers, and some went to sea. Furthermore, the DUKW’s ability to cross coral reefs and sandy beaches and then proceed inland to wherever supplies were needed saved what would otherwise have been countless man-hours of handling supplies.

Comment iin this Story. The initial proposal was immediately rejected by the Army, but the team later choose a particularly difficult spot because of high winds and heavy surf, at Provincetown, Massachusetts, rescuing the entire crew of a Coast Guard Cutter in distress and safely carrying them to the beach.


[PDF] DUKW in action – Armor No. 35 Full Online

As the Rose made for port, winds of 60 mph slammed her onto a sandbar, where she began to break up. The plan called for a covey of DUKWs to unload a ship and carry her cargo inland. June 24, at The DUKW performed admirably, whereas any conventional solution would have failed.

The versatile cargo compartment could be covered by a tarpaulin cover. It was powered by a The Soviets made their own version, the BAVproduced in large numbers until Its first action came with Operation Husky invasion of Sicily, November Many were used for general utility duties in overseas territories.

DUKW – Wikipedia

We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and aftion analyse our traffic. While the visitors gawk at the sights, the natives gawk at the DUKWs.

The area along the beach had similar characteristics of beach and tide as Utah Beach – the proposed invasion and landing area in Normandy, France.

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Even though neither of these types had undergone an adequate combat test, the Marine Corps recommended that a battalion of armored tractors, two companies of the new DUKWS, and two battalions of ordinary LVTS be assigned each division in future assault landings.