Chapter 4. Required files under the debian directory. Table of Contents. Chapter 6. Building the package. Table of Contents. Complete (re)build. dh_installdeb(1) automatically flags any files under the /etc directory as conffiles, with the exception of d which follows the format of crontab(5).

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Please note that you cannot become an official Debian Developer DD overnight, because it takes more than technical skill.

This manual is thought as a reference manual for all Debian developers newbies and old pros. Include the dkms package in Build-Depends.

Debian New Maintainers’ Guide

The following is the very important documentation which you should read along with this document:. This file describes all the changes made in the mant-guide package revision; it is used by the Debian FTP archive maintenance programs to install the binary and source packages.

When installed the package will break all the listed packages. Any extra details or discrepancies between the original package and your Debian version should be documented here.

The compat file defines the debhelper compatibility level. I’ll change it to fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager. Table of Contents 5. After you build a package, the source is normally left patched. This mailing list is for the novice. If your program’s source comes as some other sort of archive for instance, the filename ends in.


If your program uses configuration files but also rewrites them on its own, it’s best not to make them conffiles because dpkg will then prompt users to verify the changes all the time.

The quilt command is explained in quilt 1.

Chapter 6. Building the package

When a user installs your program, they will probably not be prompted to install suggested packages. Normally a Breaks entry specifies that it applies to versions earlier than a certain value.

The restriction of each individual package is listed in parentheses after its name, and should contain a relation from the list below followed by a version number value.

Required files under the debian directory. You can change many things in the Makefile ; for instance you can change the default location for file installation using the option.

Package: maint-guide-de (1.2.39)

If maint-gulde was no gentoo. Still, you should check them with aptitude show package or with dpkg -s package. It teaches prospective developers how to modify existing packages, how to create their own packages, and how to interact with the Debian community.

Line 11 shows one of the most powerful features of the Debian packaging system. Longum iter est per praecepta, breve et efficax per exempla It’s a long way by the rules, but short and efficient with examples.


Package: maint-guide (1.2.42)

Customization of rules file. This file sets defaults that are sourced by the init script. For testing purposes, you can make a. For the contrib section, it must comply with the DFSG but it may require a package outside of main for compilation or execution.

The package will not be installed unless the packages it depends on are installed. Debian New Maintainers’ Guide. Although install is not a required target, it is supported.

Change to that directory and thoroughly read the provided documentation. This msint-guide merging and cherry-picking upstream patches much easier. This document is intended to make Debian Installer more accessible to new developers and as a central location to document technical information. If your init script has certain configurable features, you can set them in the package. You should also notice that many template files are created in the source under the debian directory.