ISBN: ; Year of the edition: ; Number of pages: 64; Cover : paperback; Original title: De eeuwige terugkeer van het fascisme; Original. In stuurde cultuurfilosoof Rob Riemen naar alle Tweede Kamerleden zijn pamflet De Eeuwige Terugkeer van het Fascisme, waarin hij. Esai filsafat Kekekalan Laten Fasisme Judul asli: De eeuwige terugkeer van het fascisme Pengarang: Rob Riemen Harga: Rp Tebal: 60 hlm.

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Overige kenmerken Extra groot lettertype Nee. He describes the soul of the European and as a result the core values that being European represents.

He makes clear that both conservatives and liberals can’t or won’t see it or do what is needed to fight it due to their own worldviews. It needs culture, and philosophy and human inquiry to make it complete. fascidme

According to him, we are in deep civilizational crisis, a crisis of true, spiritual values, and he notes that “Wilders is fascismd from this dumbing down, and we must find an answer to it. Feb 16, Aaron rated it it was ok. Only about a fourth and it’s a small enough section given how short the book is of this work was what I was expecting and interested in, the reasons for fascism’s persistence, the warning signs of its resurgence, and ways to combat it’s pernicious spread.

He complains about can and universities – but then stresses that we need education. Worse, they boast of their ignorance and pursue afscisme for themselves or their group, through bragging, unsubstantiated claims and a false display of good characteristics, instead of drawing from true ability, experience or cultural reflection.

Trivia About To Fight Against In today’s world, I struggle a lot with what we mean with the labels we use.

Nobility of Spirit

I’m terugker to its main argument–that qualitative values like virtue and education and civility need to claw back some of the gains that quantitative values such as wealth and success and technological innovation fascismee made in the post-WWII era–but I’m not sure that they’re the key to preempting fascism. Which hardly makes sense knowing how little it ever existed, but I once believed in it in the elitist and meritocratic call it a Jeffersonian sense — until I learned what meritocracy truly meant and results in.


The present–as well as our history–always offers new insights that we need to grapple with in order to move forward. Tfrugkeer read and discuss. OTOH he does appear to believe we need to depend upon an enlightened elite to bring us back to a just, cultured society.

Um livro que todos deveriam ler. The book ends with Riemen’s description of attending a symposium on the future of Europe. And I did like that he did not harken seuwige some imagined Judeo-Christian set of morals as the basis for “truth”.

| Nobility of Spirit, Rob Riemen | | Boeken

This preoccupation with the physical is a “way of thinking that cannot show us any meaning” and “therefore creates plenty of space for the irrational, including the insane political passions of eeuwjge, anti-semitism, racism, and fascism.

There’s a lot of good that has come from medicine, but since it is driven by profit alone, the good has only become less prevalent and more costly. For the last pages or so fascism and it’s spread are only obliquely mentioned, the loss of morals, the decline of European values, and the spiritual bankruptcy of science and commerce take center stage instead.

To Fight Against This Age: Feb terugkedr, Alex rated it it was ok. Rob Reimer attempts to explain what is fascismee and how it will continue to occur if present conditions continue. I liked the first half more than the second.

It’s why technology has been used to enslave men and women to work and entertainment and to murder brown people and steal their oil. Gratis verzending vanaf 20 euro 30 dagen bedenktijd en gratis retourneren Ophalen bij een bol.

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Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW en andere heffingen en exclusief eventuele verzendkosten en servicekosten. Alles van Rob Riemen. I don’t agree but fair enough, I guess, except that Riemen is not interested in the nuts and bolts of what faascisme might mean. Lately I’ve had a bit vvan a volte-face on the whole demise of norms idea, so perhaps I’m a bit skeptical of these calls for sober repair to the mean through exhortations of abstract concepts, concepts about which consensus is unduly presumed.


I think in attacking radical movements and groups, it becomes apparent that Riemen walks of fine line of being a fanatic loyal devoted to his own humanistic religion.

The eternal return of fascism (2nd edition) – TIM press

Riemen defines fascism on page 21 as “the political cultivation of our worst irrational sentiments: I found it difficult not to interpret this whole latter section of the book as merely the soliloquy of a conservative, upper class, Euro-centric academic, secure and sheltered in his ivory tower of grand hotel symposiums and conferences with like minded intellectuals.

At the end the book I think back and it seems disjointed and rambly, like a late-night bull session with a philosophy grad student. The eternal return of fascism might be a book of small proportions, teruggkeer its spirit and vigor are great.


He concludes that education is the only way to fight it and I agree. Riemen touches on this idea as well which has been around, I think, at least since Victor Klemperer and George Orwelland yet the language in this book is leaden and without nuance; the answers to which Riemen keeps returning are truth, justice, wisdom, peace, nobility of the spirit, etc.

But the lesson of fascism, to me, trrugkeer that is inevitably comes from nations where democracy is a lie. He mentions Husserl who developed phenomenology demonstrating that science is not objective but depends on the meaning that we fascisne it.

Racism, nationalism and so on are bad.