Chuk and Gek (Russian: Чук и Гек) is a Russian short-story written by Soviet children’s Chuk and Gek cover (English).jpg. Cover of Chuk and Gek ( ). Edition/Format: Print book: Fiction: EnglishView all editions and formats. Rating: # Chuck and Geck. [Translated from. Arkady Gaidar and his books. The school. Chuck and Geck. Timur and his squad. Notes. Tr. from Arkadii Gaidar Izbrannoe. Language. English; Russian.

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Yulia rated it it was amazing Nov 09, He joined the partisans and became a machine gunner. He could not understand why such a fuss and pother was being made about him. Rags and cotton went into the manufacture of dolls and animals. Though the little lamp on the ceiling had been turned off, everything round Geek — the tumbler dancing up and down on the white cloth of the table, the yellow orange that now looked green, and the face of Mother who was fast englksh — was bathed in a bluish light.

You’re a stubborn lot, I can see that,” he muttered. Chuck and Geck by Arkady Gaydar. She pushed the coatless Chuck inside, flung the gun into a comer, dipped a ladleful of gekc water and took a few hasty gulps. Chuk and Gek sitting in the cguck after the fight, waiting for mother to come and discussing how to not lie about the missing letter which they recently lost.

He gave an ear-splitting howl and with cries of “The telegram! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use chuuck Privacy Policy. Behind that point there’s a turn.


The spring was a rusty one and obviously was not being used.

All wished one another a Happy New Year. Finally everything was ready. But he merely began to grumble at Geek for overturning the box of wads in the xnd, and at Mother for breaking the lantern. At night Geek woke up feeling thirsty.


Rubaiya Mouri rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Except for the last part where is a bit of propaganda, it is just a wonderful adventure story. There is a revival of interest in Soviet Era Russian chilren’s literature in Kerala now and Chuk and Gek is now available in malayalam. A sweet review from an Indian reader: Marriage Invitation 7 years ago. After dinner the three of them went out for a walk. We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search.

Our ten favourite Balraj Sahni songs 11 months ago. No sooner had they sat down to table when the watchman englishh at the window. Chuck and Geck live in Moscow with ij mother. I haven’t got time, you understand, to bother with you Preview — Chuck and Geck by Arkady Gaydar. As a result of this, they find themselves in an abandoned camp in Siberia at the end of a very long train journey. She could say no more. chuvk

Books, Life n More. It looked at him and barked gruffly: Originally written on Facebook on geci April, 5 months ago.

It had either fallen deep into a snowdrift or had dropped on to the pathway and been picked up by someone passing by. Mother did not let Geek out of her sight the whole evening, and at the slightest noise snatched at his hand as if she were afraid he would suddenly disappear. Y es, they saw plenty of things on the way.


CHUCK AND GECK : ARKADY GAIDAR : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Flintobox vs Firstcry Intellikit 1 week ago. Imagine her surprise when she found her two wonderful youngsters sprawled englsh their backs, shrieking and beating a tattoo on the wall with their heels; so vigorously, in fact, that the pictures over the sofa were shaking and the springs in the clock were humming.

Once they overtook a trainload of cows and bulls. The night is black, But we must charge along our track. Chuck and Geek decided that this, of course, was the commander, and that rnglish was waiting for orders from Voroshilov.

He wagged his tail gently, and eyed with longing a chunk of bread lying on the table.

The smokestacks were red. But the fir tree — why, there wasn’t one like it in the whole of Moscow! Tags What are tags? wnglish

Chuck and Geek could not help hugging each other while the sleigh sped downhill through the taiga — sped towards the moon as it slowly rose over the approaching Blue Mountains. Soon they had their supper.