Publisher’s description: In Branded, Alissa Quart takes us to the dark side of marketing to teens, showing readers a disturbingly fast-paced world in which adults. Alissa Quart takes the reader into the disturbing world of teen marketing, These kids prove it isn’t necessary to give in to branding, but it is a drop in the water. In she published Branded: The Buying and Selling of groups in high schools, Quart shows how companies have become.

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The first section deals with all of the ways kids are interacting with marketers directly through focus groups or being aliissa advocatesthe second and most interesting section touches on the way brands intersect kids lives in more covert ways ex: It really scares me how eager we are to give away our civil liberties and let companies profit from them.

For the readers still waiting for a substantive follow-up to Naomi Klein’s No Logothis is the book. An example she used in the book was that girls would flash certain body parts for money or gifts online.

One strategy that would have been more appealing if Quart had implemented it in her writing, would have been to input graphs and pictures that would have provided her readers with a better representation of the argument she was trying to emmitt. A middle-aged reader would most enjoy this book or someone brahded the marketing industry.

Branded: The Buying And Selling Of Teenagers – Alissa Quart – Google Books

Sep 07, Lyn rated it really liked it. At the end of the book, Alissa Quart describes the certain population of teens that choose a name for themselves.

Taking it as what it is though, some of her analysis is rather prescient — she foretells the memoir craze and the rise of Super Sweet Sixteens pretty accurately. Quart was a poet before she became a journalist. The information was helpful in learning about how the clothing and product industry markets to teens, but the author’s own perspective was taken too far, making this a weakness.


I understand the content of branding amongst teenagers and it did open my eyes to some things but it was not interesting and I feel like this was a paper she did in college and just expanded on it slightly so needless to say it was boring and awful to get through!

Jul 22, Jo Oehrlein rated it liked it Shelves: There is also the example of a vegetarian crusader, founder of the company who fights for animal rights by making millions of dollars selling a grain-derived meat substitute. She teaches as an adjunct professor at Columbia University ‘s Graduate School of Journalism[3] and is a Nieman Fellowship recipient.

No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! I taught this book to my class.

Stating that certain clothes you own make you you or getting surgeries also define you. Sure, I have worn more expensive brands, but they were all purchased second-hand at thrift stores. You have to think she could expand this now with a second volume looking at the rise of both web-based marketing “friending” brands on Facebook and Twitter and self-marketing “street style” websites, MySpace, really anything teens do online.

It gave me a new perspective to look at things. Alissa Quart takes the reader into the disturbing world of teen marketing, showing how they are taught to market to each other and where adults build careers out of insinuating their way into ‘friendships’ with teens in order to monitor what they wear, eat, listen to and talk about with each other.

Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers

An interesting read, especially since I recently read Queen Bees and Wannabes. How to be Irresistible to White Men.


Alissa Quart takes the reader into the disturbing Brand loyalty is m A good general primer on the premise of teenage marketing. Quart documents the increase in intentional marketing and selling to pre-teens and teenagers, as well as their strong brand preferences. Knowing what is going on, may be a part of the battle. For me, the general concept of the “branding” of teenagers is all rather obvious. The Power of Amateurs, Dreamers and Rebels[13] describes the role of cultural outsiders who are importantly changing elements of mainstream US culture via new technologies and entrepreneurialism.

The Book of Jezebel. A Million First Dates. And while people who sell their wares on Etsy may not seem like they have much to do with mad priders, Quart’s point is that all are examples of “counterpublics” who crucially re-form what is considered acceptable, allowing further diversity of options.

Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers – Alissa Quart – Google Books

In Branded, Alissa Quart takes us to the dark side of marketing to teens, showing readers a disturbingly fast-paced world brandex which adults shamelessly insinuate themselves into “friendships” with young people in order to monitor what they wear, eat, listen to, and buy.

Most people, my age, that I know do not shop immensely from stores such as Gucci or Prada. She mainly focuses on the negative aspects of teens and brandrd giving enough light to how teens are not brainless people.

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