Blood of Brothers has ratings and 56 reviews. Frank said: I’ve spent three and a half months in Nicaragua over the past two winters studying Spanish. By the former New York Times Managua bureau chief, this is a well-written, information-rich survey of modern Nicaragua. Kinzer describes how Cesar Sandino’s. Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua is a book by Stephen Kinzer, an American author and New York Times foreign correspondent who reported.

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Kinzer convoys an honest love for the country of Nicaragua, the good, bad, and the ugly. Its too bad that there are so few books out there about the history of such a country. I was especially impressed with the balance of interviews and anecdotes between powerful political figures and everyday Nicaraguans, providing a multi-dimensional view of the Nicaraguan tragedy in the s.

There were atrocities on both sides. Kinzer’s first-person reporting places you in the unrest of Managua and fighting in the foothills. An excellent read, made all the more poignant by living in the country for the last three months. The author flagrantly omitted well known facts and events that reflect poorly upon the Sadinistas while presenting unsubstantiated conspiracy theories as evidence against the contras.

Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua by Stephen Kinzer

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Widely considered the best-connected journalist in Central America, Kinzer personally met and interviewed people at every level of the Somoza, Sandinistas and contra hierarchies, as well as dissidents, heads of state, and countless ordinary citizens throughout the region. Apr 30, Nathan Titus rated it liked it Shelves: In their myopic vision of fighting the evil empire of world communism they misled the American people as to what was going on in Nicaragua and caused the unnessary deaths of thousands of young Nicaraguans on both sides of the civil war.

It’s just, that Chonmsky quote Years later I actually met Stephen Kinzer at a speaking engagement at Politics and Prose after he did a reading of his book Overthrow. In spite of all this, I have to say, Blood of Brothers is a very entertaining read. And the author boldly stuck himself right in Nicaragua’s history as it was being made, giving his book a comprehensive and rich feel.

Written by a New York Times journalist living in Nicaragua during the Sandinista revolution and Contra war, Blood of Brothers is a great introduction to the political history of the country and how it developed into a heartbreaking, years-long battle amongst brothers, loved ones, neighbors. With the help of the CIA, the Contras always have a fighting chance. He returned many times during the years that followed, becoming Latin America correspondent for The Boston Globe in and joining the foreign staff of “The New York Times” in People gave directions to their homes or businesses from a particular restaurant, government office, statue, or other landmark Apr 08, Elaine Burbank rated it really liked it.

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I was supposed to visit Nicaragua this past summer, but right before my trip, massive and violent civil unrest broke out, and it continues today. Kinzer was the The New York Times bureau chief, reporting on the fall of the Somoza dynasty in which led to a decade of Sandinista rule and civil war.

Blood of Brothers

To ask other readers questions about Blood of Brothersplease sign up. This is the chilling tale of the atrocities that took place in Nicaragua over a span of a century – and the survival of its people throughout it all. When I was in Nicaragua this book was like Girl Scout cookies in January – everybody wanted it but nobody could find it. The human side of the conflict which ripped the country apart in the 80’s is depressing but it is refreshing to see that side of the conflict highlighted instead of boood usual political crap that the mainstream media passes on during these regional conflicts orchestrated by other nations.

I thoroughly enjoyed how Kinzer interwove Nicaragua’s history with his brkthers experiences with the beauty of the country, kinzsr culture, and its people. But not content to simply witness from the confines of Managua, the author traveled extensively throughout Nicaragua as events unfolded, bringing color and unique perspective to the overall picture.

His articles and books have led the Washington Post to place him “among the best in popular foreign policy storytelling. His ambassador made it clear to the Sandinistas that they would now face the full might of the Contras. It’s a sad, sad history full of corruption and violence as the Sandinistas, the contras, and the Reagan-led U.

Obviously, required reading for any Nicaraguan Brotgers.

Now THAT would have made for an interesting story. Nicaraguans buried a whole generation of their young fighting to first remove the Somoza dictatorship from power and then a second civil war between the Sandinistas and the Con Stephen Kinzer writes an engaging although sad and depressing narrative about Nicaragua during the U.


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Preview — Blood of Brothers by Stephen Kinzer. It is a vibrant portrait of the Nicaraguan people and their volcanic land, a cultural history rich in poetry and bloodshed, baseball and insurrection. In Nicaragua, the reverse was happening: The Sandinistas’ “agricultural policies were based on the illusion that peasants are communally oriented and will work just as hard kiner the collective as they would for their own family It was exhilarating to read about a country, where many of the things spoken about, I had seen with my own two eyes, yet Kinxer walked right past some of these historic sites because I had bood background knowledge to appreciate the history fully.

A whimsical narrative that gives great light to the actual history of Nicaragua throughout the different conflicts, but is a little polished in the realities of the whole situation.

My husband and I have discussed the chapters as I’ve read them, finding answers to so many questions that we both had, big and small alike, such as the advent of the plastic bags! Lists with This Book. Go A really comprehensive history about Nicaragua during the war and how it affected its citizens. brithers

When I finally got a copy Fedex’d in from America the book exceeded my wildest expectations. Jun 26, Heidi rated it really liked it.

Because he spent kijzer much time in the streets and villages as he did in embassies and restaurants, Kinzer was able to understand and report the many levels of reality generally hidden behind fogs of ideology, public statements and political rhetoric I am going to back up the platonic life mate on this one with the five star rating. Will it worship the Sandinistas as saints? This b Politics are written with the blood of a nation, and nowhere is that more lbood than in a country of great upheaval like Nicaragua during the 80s and the revolution-era, where starvation, poverty and regular burials at the cemetery were a way of life.