Buy The Beginning of Guidance (Bidayat al-Hidaya) by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali Paperback; Publisher: White Thread Press (); Language: English; ISBN . Bidayatul Hidayah. Uploaded by Documents Similar To Bidayatul Hidayah. Bidayatul The Secrets Of Asceticism – imam Al Qurtubi English Translation. asSalaamu Alaikum, Bidayat al-Hidayah – “The Beginning of Guidance” by Imam al-Ghazali Mishkat al-Anwaar – “The Niche of Lights” by Imam.

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Preparutioti for uli other ritual prayers following the most excellent methods is the subject-matter of emglish present chapter. Do not face the direction of the Holy Ka’ba in Mecca, 29 an d do not turn either face or back to sun or moon.

Praise be to God Who has made us alive after making us [i. Surely you would loath such anact.

If you have not already performed the two sunna rak’as of the Dawn Prayer [at home], execute them [in the mosque] instead of the two rak’as of greeting the mosque; [in this case you need not perform the two rak ‘as of greeting the mosque].

Glory be to Him Who alone deserves the perfect glorification! I heard God’s Messenger may God bless him and greet him! Then array yourseif in white clothes, for these are the most pleasing to God exalted is He!

It is found in Tradition that whoever says to his side man ‘keep quiet’ while the Imam is addressing the congregation, has spoken idly, and whoever speaks idly does not obtain the merit of the Friday Assembly Prayer. The evil scholar, although he turns men from this world by his words and speech, calls them to it by his actions and states. I seek the protection of God against Satan, the rejected. These sins and their evil results are descnbed here.

God, bless Muhammad, and [all the members of] his family, and greet them. One who seeks this engliish by means of reiigion will lose both worlds, whereas rnglish who forsakes this world for the sake of reiigion will gain both worlds. The deed is so embellished that it is like a bride being conducted to her husband.


Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. It is the wrongful utterances of the tongue which will throw men into Hell on their noses. Concerning the reward of taking responsibility for an orphan, the Prophet said that in Paradise his own rank and that of one who takes the responsibi- lity of an orphan will be as close as two fingers.


My Lord has com- manded me not to allow his deed to pass beyond me, for any action not performed purely for God is ostentation, and Yidayah does not accept the deeds of an ostentatious man. Admonition has a distinctive quality and form and requires kindness.

His aim is to hidatah his evil wares upon you in the place where good wares are sold, so that he may unite you with ‘those who are the greatest losers in respect of their works, whose efforts in this life have gone astray, though they imagine that they are producing excellent works. Supplicate much at the rising, declining and setting of the sun of Friday, at the call to the actual start iqama of the Friday Assembly Prayer, at the preacher’s ascending of the pulpit, and at the moment of people”s standing up for starting this ritual prayer; it is likely that the noble hours described above will be at one of these times.

Glory be to Him Who has encompassed every- thing with His knowledge! Begin to say Allahu akbar towards the end of the sitting which you bidwyatul for rest, and prolong it until you are half-way up to a standing position. God] is with you wherever you may be; He sees all that you do.

He was a prolific narrator of Tradition. Gbservance of the suggestions made here will make him a good believer, a religious man of the higher grade. J JL When you put on your clothes [after waking from sleep]produce in your mind the intention of fulfilling the commands of God exalted is He! There is no vessel more hateful to God than a stomach full of that food the eating of which is lawful in Islam.

There are certain methods which enable man to obtain the lawful and to avoid the unlawful. I also beseech You for Your mercy by which I may receive biadyatul privilege of Your regard englush this world and in the Hereafter. Go overin your mind all the different acts of obedience within your power, choose the noblest of them, and consider the means of it so that you may be occupied with it.


To look for that which is lawful is the duty of every Muslim, just as it is his duty to perform ritual prayers five times a day. He was a servant of the Prophet until the latter’s death.

If it is fulfilled by no one, all members bidayattul the soeiety become sinners. You should first consider the stipulations of bidzyatul and friendship so that you will establish the relationship of brother- hood only with those who are fit for brotherhood and friendship.

The follower will not ead any sura [after the Fatiha even secretly] in the audible part of he ritual prayer, except if he cannot hear the voice of the Imam Iwho is reciting a sura after Fatiha.

The final part relates to etiquette with God, scholars, students, parents and others as well as advice on friendship.

English Books of Imam al-Ghazali – Available for Download – at-Tahawi

To go to oppressive rulers without necessity or compulsion is a major sin, for it means humbling oneself before them and honouring them in their sinfulness, whereas God exalted is He! We find in Tradition, “Surely man speaks a word in order to make his com- panions laugh; for this he will be hurled into the pit of Hell for seventy years.

Even when you think you’re doing something good your intention must be correct and even then it may actually be harmful as “Satan is always trying to entice foolish people to evil by presenting it to them as goodness”. Continue in this routine for the rest of your life.

English Books of Imam al-Ghazali – Available for Download

It can be satisfied only with married wives and slave women. The time left over them should be spent by a very pious Muslim in any offour ways mentioned in this chapter. Imam Al-Ghazali shares with us how a man should order his life from hour to hour and day to day.