Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: Bhartrihari was long believed to have lived in the seventh century CE, but according consisting of three thematic compilations on shringara, vairagya and niti (loosely: love, dispassion and moral conduct) of hundred verses each. NITI SHATAKAM of Bhartrihari 1.I bow to God, the self enlightened, the peaceful, free from the bonds of space and time, the infinite, the pure co. Meanwhile he took generic interest in affairs of his state and during this time wrote Niti Shataka. Later on, it is believed that, he resigned from.

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A servant who stays away is termed as impractical. If a man is greedy, what further vice can he have?

The poet finds the second and third choices better. Poems from the Sanskrit. Half of it, i. What is commendable if one achieves all the wealth merely to fulfill all the maternal desires? Sense of welfare is hit by both physical and mental illnesses.

Similarly, great people either attain paramount position in the society or pass their lives in solitude. Who is best beloved? Neither am I mind, nor intelligence ,Nor ego, nor thought,Nor am I ears or the tongue or the nose or the eyes,Nor […].

Some attempt has been made to fix Bhartrihari’s date by comparison with that of Kalidasa. Here is the link: Ever peaceful mind sharaka.

Bhartrihari Shataka

The prostitute was a pious women and she decided that she would gift the king with this fruit. Women who are young avoid the man whose head is grey with age and the man who is enfeebled by years. This verse deals with a game of dice played by the God of Fate with his wife.


But queen Pingala passed it on to the charioteer with whom she had a secret affair. In support of this theme, the poet gives the following examples: Here are the best of his Neeti Shataka.

These are all ameliorators for pains. From Himalayas to the earth.


It is the karma, which forced Vishnu to take the pain of arriving in incarnations. An evil man should be avoided though he be adorned with learning. For the idea contained in this bbartrihari, cf. The Way of Liberality. He is the man of great character. Company of good people can reduce and mitigate the ignorance of the mind, can encourage truthful speech and moreover cubances ones social status and prestige. When hungry, it breaks self respect.

The ordinary converse of such men is like Writ.

Even the creator cannot explain to a person of a little knowledge suffering from pride. Do not indulge in any type of sensual pleasure, control your senses, and abstain from all the maternal and worldly objects and tread on the path of knowledge with shall accrue in mitigation meeti all miseries. Maha Shiva Ratri February 24th, The destiny and deprivation, when considered, appear to be stronger than even the intellectual persons.

Niti Shataka of Bhartrihari :: The Fool

Similarly, intelligent people do not stop without achieving their goal. Controlling the sense organs is the only victory. Bhartrihari was not only a king but was a distinguished scholar, neti gifted poet, a philosopher, thinker, and a religious person. But in emergency, the heart of the gentleman becomes as hard as a rock. Aldna, ” The post to which an elephant is tied. Falling and greying hair; 4.


They cannot be fulfilled by serving the rulers of the lands, whose minds are like unruly horses, and are difficult to please. An en- lightened observant man, travelling among an enlightened observant people, Professor Monier Williams has brought before the public in a pleasant form more of the manners and customs of the Queen’s Indian subjects than we ever remember to have seen in any one work. Wisdom is as a friend to a man travelling in a distant land.

He is clothed in a torn cloak made from rags cast into the street ; he has no pride, no self-consciousness; he is free from desire; his sole pleasure is rest and quietness.

Bhartṛhari – Wikipedia

Vide Niti SataJca, Miscellaneous, shatakq 6. The earth brings forth fruits without end like the creeper of plenty if it is perpetually and carefully cultivated.

He lists out the ephemeralities: On the Kocch, Bodo, and Dhimal Tribes. Liberality is the fitting virtue for the hand, rever- ence towards spiritual teachers for the head, true speech for the mouth, surpassing power for the arms of a mighty man, content for the heart, the holy Veda rightly under- stood for the ears ; the man of noble mind who is the possessor of these adornments has no need of outward pomp.

Let the moralists may praise or blame and criticise. Seers of Vedas held Power ne.