Bhagwan Ki Pratigya in Hindi and English – भगवान की प्रतिज्ञा towards his devotees. The god takes care of his devotee. If you worship. “Bhagwan ki pratigya”Calender,kai saal purana an ki ye pratigya mujhe bahut pasand hai. Om Shri Ganeshaye namah Prabhu. BHAGVAN KI PRATIGYA • Mere marg par pair rakhkar to dekh, tere sab marg na khol du to kehna. • Mere liye aansu baha ke to dekh, tere jivan.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress. God is everywhere pratigta it is no doubt he is the anchor of each and everyone in the universe. Answer Questions Why do we say “amen” at the end of prayers?

Aisee pratigya mein hum jaise nastikon ko bhi aastik banaa dene ki kshamta hai. Meri taraf aa ke to dekh,tera dhayaan na rakhu to kahna.


Why does satan torture people in hell? Why can we trust the Bible? This site uses cookies.

On tough time god give us strength. Don’t bother abt slang replies of fools. U must have read in Bhagvat Geeta. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Bhagwaan ki ye pratigya mujhe bahut pasand hai. What does the name “Pratigya” mean?

krishna-bhagwan-ki-pratigya – Copy | Mritunjay Singh | Flickr

Mere liye kharch kar ke to dekh,kuber ke bhandaar na khole du to kahna. Each one who has bhagwab on God feel his presence. Mere liye kuchh ban kar ke to dekh,tujhe mulaywaan na bana du to kahna. Meri baate logo se kar ke to dekh,tujhe mulyawaan na banaa du to kahna. Mere liye karve bitter vachan sun kar to dekh,apaar kripa na barse to kahna.

If you worship him with pure heart and soulthere is no fear for you in the entire world. Mere maarg par nikal ke to dekh,tujhe shantidoota na bana du to kahna. Which religion is the most dangerous? Where is godgod means allah, bhagwan ,? Listen bitter words for me, I will bestow all my blessings. Email required Address never made public.


What is the meaning of BHAGWAN KI PRATIGYA? | Yahoo Answers

Swam ko neochhavar kar ke to dekh,tumhe jagat bandhu na bana du to kahna. Did jesus throw temper tantrums as a toddler? Discuss about me with people, I will make you priceless.

Come to my side, I will make all to come to your side. Tu mera ban kar ke to dekh,har ek ko tera na bana du to kahna. I just read a poem named bhagwaan ki pratigya. Mujhe apna maddgaar bana ke to dekh,tumhe sabki gulami se na chhura du to kahna.

Bhagwaan ki pratigya

There are 18 promises there, but for ur purpose this will suffice. Come to me for help, I will cut all your Drop some tears for meI will fill you with the ocean of Joy.

These oaths are simply called ” Bhagwan Ki Pratigya “. Mere liye aansu baha ke to dekh,tere jeevan ko aanand ka sagar na bana du to kahna.