realise it’s a rather large manual, but it is broken down into fairly This function launches the BFD2 PDF manual in your system’s PDF reader. A detailed description how to files using BFD2 can be found in This description has been written by Brian-D (Haggis-man) from. About this manual There is a huge amount of functionality in BFD2. Credits SKoT McDonald Paul Chana Steve Baker Andy Simper Angus Hewlett Andreas.

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Master Manuall Controls When you set a preset’s star rating, it is applied immediately to the BFD2 database. If you have very advanced usage needs – for example, tempo or time-sig changes during a song, or multiple output of audio channels, you must use a host.

How Bfd2 Works Creating A Midi Note Mapping Can I do that any of that in BFD2?

DSoundTool Manual

To exit the mixer preset chooser panel without loading anything, press the ESC key. Kit-piece Slot Windows Customizing Hihat Pedal Response Palettes, Grooves And Fills Several third-party companies also produce expansion packs for BFD2. End Actions For Grooves Zoom And Scroll Controls Sticky Enabling the Sticky button results in the mixer preset chooser panel remaining open after a preset is loaded.


Tell me about the presets supplied with BFD2. Mac OS X When an instance of BFD2 is launched, it reloads the last key map that you loaded.

Kit-piece Bleed Controls The compressors in BFD2 are very realistic models of 2 of the most well-known studio compressors ever, and sound great even at extreme settings. These cover a few classic drum machine kicks and snares, and a few kit-oriented percussion sounds cowbell, tambourine and some other ‘bread manuak butter’ sounds.

Creating .dsnd Files with BFD2

Yes – BFD2 v2. There are numerous BFD2 Presets supplied – simply load one and swap out the kit-pieces or Groove engine contents. Grooves Page Part bcd2 Ruler And Groove Length Drum Track Synchronization Are there more cymbal and percussion slots?

Please read our Cookie Policy for more info. You can navigate around the available mixer presets with the cursor arrow keys. The info area displays information about the currently selected keymap.

Key map loaded when bfd2 is launched – FXpansion BFD2 Manual User Manual

Mic Channel Separation You do NOT need to have an internet connection on the computers on which it is installed. The bfe2 photo can be associated with a preset with the mixer preset panel see section. Can I use BFD2 without a host?

Groove Fx Power How Electronic Drumkits Work To print the manual completely, please, download it. Back To Top Are there any promotional “demo” kit pieces included from other packs?

  IDA X001 PDF

The settings within the file are translated to. Midi Event Log Yes – you can import multi-velocity manuual or stereo samples in standard WAV format. Any latency is due to the size of the audio buffers used by your host application and sound card, and delays due to MIDI devices.

You may be able to find additional help from other users at the BFD2 forum. Page of Go.

FXpansion – BFD2

Back To Top Do I have to install all the content? How large is the download version? We decided that a huge manual that collects dust on the shelf is simply a terrible waste of trees! A Preset stores the entire state of BFD2. Delete mixer preset from database Clicking this button removes the selected mixer preset from the BFD2 database.

No – only a brand new set of recordings that is exclusive to the BFD2 package. If you have ended up with multiple accounts for different products, please contact our technical support department to resolve the situation.

Building Unorthodox Kits