“Azoth of the Philosophers,” Basil Valentine, L’Azoth des Philosophes, This restored emblem attributed to German alchemist Basil original. Azoth Drawing by Basil Valentine Azoth contains the complete information of the whole universe, it is also used as another word for the Philosopher’s Stone. Azoth of the Philosophers-Basil Valentine · Alchemy ArtAlternative ArtOccult AstrologyDark ArtComic BookSacred Geometry SymbolsPecado Capital7 Sins.

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Philosopheers of the sequentially numbered points on the star emanating from the alchemist stands for an operation in the Emerald Formula Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation and contains the cipher for the corresponding metal. The sign that Putrefaction is nearing its end is a milky white fluid that appears like a tunnel of white light in the black, rotting material. The volatile mother when prepared surpasses the sun in summer.

Know also that there must come a twofold wind, and a single wind, and that they must furiously blow from the east and from the south. But man cannot create new seed; for it is not in his power to order the operation of the elements and the essential influences of the stars.

Blue-colored Natron acid aqua fortis azoyh made by mixing potassium nitrate with sulfuric acid and was used to separate silver from gold. In this way permeation and totality of beginning and end was symbolised to consider the supreme wholeness and thus the universal synthesis of opposites as a ‘cancellation’ i.

The body by itself profits nothing. I will therefore proceed to shew valentlne, by the help of God, I was enabled to prepare the Stone of the Ancients, and, for your further instruction, I will add twelve keys, in which I give a figurative account of our Art. Also included are the symbols of the metal equated with that stage. The much anticipated Marriage of the King and Queen produces a state of consciousness best described as a feeling intellect, which can be raised and purified to produce a state of perfect intuition, a direct gnosis of reality.

Schamayim is the Universal Mercury or Azoth — the measureless spirit of life. You must, therefore, strongly fortify it with three impassable and well-guarded walls, and let the one entrance be well protected. After Calcination, the substance at hand is no longer affected azotj common fire. The word “Azoth” in the title is one of the more arcane names for the One Thing. Let your study of them be increased and repeated often, lest you lose the thread of insight, and the lamp of understanding be extinguished.


It is expressed as vibratory tones and spoken truths emerging from the Throat or Asoth Chakra. In the cosmos and within each of us, the Azoth is the mysterious evolutionary force responsible for the relentless drive towards physical and spiritual perfection. In the Arcanum Experiment, Calcination is represented by sulfuric acid, which the alchemists made from a naturally occurring substance called Vitriol.

In almost every case, you will be drawn to the black ray at position one, which points to the Cubic Stone. Thus, year by year, the operations of the universe are performed, until at length it shall be destroyed by its Creator, and all the dwellers upon earth shall vakentine restored by resurrection to a glorified life.

Now these are avlentine three spirits which preserve and multiply life. This is not the same thing as the element we now call mercury today. This post is my most visited. In s ocietyit is the living wisdom in which everyone exists within the same light of evolved consciousness and knowledge of Phlosophers. Thus, the concept of the Azoth is analogous to the light of nature or mind of God.

When the Medicine and Stone of all the Sages has been perfectly prepared out of the true virgin’s milk, take one part of it to three parts of the best gold purged and refined with antimony, the gold being previously beaten into plates of the greatest possible thinness.

The King symbolizes the power of thought, ultimately the One Mind of the highest spirit. At this point in the Work, only the purest and most genuine parts of the substance to be transformed remain in the vessel.

Interpretaion of Azoth of the Philosophers – Zapperoo’s Favorites: poems-quotes-maxims-art-etc.

For it is not good for the Eagle valentlne build her nest philosophsrs the summit of the Alps, because her young ones are thus in great danger of being frozen to death by the intense cold that prevails there.

The fourth ray of the Azoth points to the area at the top of the drawing where the right wing of the Ascended Essence touches the salamander wallowing in flames. Spiritus, Anima, and Corpus Spirit, Soul, and Body form a large inverted triangle that stands behind the central emblem of the alchemist.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. In the preparation of Saturn there appears a great variety of different colours; and you must expect to observe successively black, grey, white, yellow, red, and all the different intermediate shades.


Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine

In order to rationally prove this to you, who are investigating the separation of Nature. Chemically, it is the recombination of the saved elements from Separation into a new substance. The name Pulvis Solaris means “Powder of the Sun” and the alchemists believed it could instantly perfect any substance to which it was added. But, notwithstanding that my conscience doth bear me witness in the sight of the Most High, before whom all concealed matters are laid bare, that I have written no falsehood, but have so exposed the truth that understanding men can require no further light that which is laid down in the theoretical part being borne out and confirmed by the practice of the Twelve Keysyet have I been impelled by various considerations to demonstrate by a shorter way what I have written in the said treatise, and thus cast further light thereon, whereby also the lover of the desired wisdom may obtain an increased illumination for the fulfilment of his desire There are many who will consider that I am speaking too openly, and will hold me answerable for the wickedness that they think will follow, but let them rest assured that it will be sufficiently difficult, notwithstanding, for any thick-headed persons to find what they seek herein.

Similar to another alchemical idealized substance, alkahestazoth was the aim, goal and vision of many alchemical works. In this Edem vaporous essence or mist is the first or spiritual Earth, the incomprehensible and intangible dust out of which God formed Adam Kadmon, the spiritual body of man, which must become fully revealed through time. Sit back now and stare at the whole drawing. For where there was not first earth, there can be no resurrection in our Magistery.

In his book Transcendental Magic, Eliphas Levi wrote: Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. You will notice the flaming salamander atop the soul indicating its fiery nature, whereas the bird is present above spirit as it resonates with the cooling presense of the moon. This question you may most easily answer by asking yourself another question. Psychologically, this agitation and sublimation of psychic forces is necessary to ensure that no impurities from the lower personality are incorporated into the next and final process.