The Aden UPR Camera Mountable Receiver is capable of receiving 2 microphone transmitters simultaneously. The UPR Receiver is compact and. The ULT is a complete dual-channel wireless system that consists of the UPR receiver and two 10BT transmitters. The UPR receiver allows the use. Buy AZDEN UPR Dual-Channel On-Camera UHF Wireless Receiver with fast shipping and top-rated customer you know, you Newegg!.

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A second tunable reciever Date published: The receiver features a mini 3.

Interference with Azden Lav Mic, Need Help? – Videomaker

I would not recommend it for any filed work that reliability of the wireless signal is a must. In addition to the 3. Unit picks up stray signals even when moving the wire that connect from base unit attached to camera.

The unit came with the attachment to my cameras hot shoe which therefore required no additional equipment purchase. Other times, the audio is just fine! In experimenting with the unit, which I typically mount on a PD hot shoe, I have had no trouble with sound pickup at 50 feet, but have not had much experience on a job at this range my typical range is feet.

The lavalier microphone holders make really nice tie clips. Its the one area that my videos are weak. The broadcast quality make a difference when you go up against On camera sound quality. In post I have a audio plug-in that changes mono to stereo sound. So if you are always in ideal conditions you might do alright.


Thanks for the advice. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Loosing audio on a few interviews I zaden had to hard wire the lav mics.

Any suggestions of a current model that I could buy off line, would be appreciated. Log into your account.

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I have a Sony PD, and it lets you separate the two mics. I will say that for the money this one really performs well. Was easy to setup. I now only run 1 mic and use 2 digital recorders.

Technology assumes newer dimensions with the Azden UPR. If you are a pro or up coming type. The system is configured around the UPR camera mountable receiver which is capable of receiving 2 microphone hpr simultaneously. I videotape azedn and have just recently started using the Azden Wireless Lav Mic.

The wireless system has given us professional sound that makes us a contender in the local scene. People who bought this also bought. And you use 9 volt for the body packs on this product anyway. This is by far, the worst piece of plastic ever put in the field. Also all those AA batteries you have to use for the base unit are not convenient when most everyone else uses 9 volt.


Thank you for the advice. Plug in two 3. For recommendations for digital recorders I second compusolver, but if cost is what your looking at look into the Olympus WS Digital Voice Recorder.

Azden UPR wireless DUAL LAV system

No Longer Available Update Location close. I have a lot to learn when it comes to audio.

Charge the six AA alkaline batteries of this Azden microphone receiver and use the Azden UPR for any event, as it will operate non stop for up to 8 hours. The manufacture replaced the unit but the zzden are the same. However if you are 2 feet from your subject and no where near electricity you might get good audio.

I set up both wirless mics on 2 different channels, have my helper walk all over the area talking to me as I monitor sound for drop outs and interference.