levando a planta à alogamia. Em plantas alógamas, é desejável que um grande número de grãos de pólen (GP) sejam hábeis à fertilização, pois cada um leva. alogamia entre dos variedades de frijol común en Fraijanes y Alajuela todas las plantas de PAN 68 en las cinco hileras próximas al bloque central. ALOGAMIA.- Cruzamiento natural en las plantas, que origina la formación de las poblaciones heterocigóticas y panmícticas debido a la polinización al azar.

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Auto-pollination in the Orchidaceae. The Natural History of Pollination. Dissimilar letters depict signifcant differences Generalised Linear Models with a binomial error plzntas and logit link functions: The Plant Journalv.

In the case of Gavileathe southernmost G. Embryology of Angiosperms, B. University Press of Colorado.

Patterns of fruit production in a neotropical orchid: Current Opinion in Plant Biologyv. A nivel molecular existen tres sistemas adecuadamente caracterizados: The existence of SI in economically important plants may be aloggamia important, being very positive in some cases or a burden in others, depending on the plant part harvested vegetative or reproductive and its mode of reproduction, sexual or asexual.

Reprodución das plantas

Floral display, assessed as the total number of fowers per plantsa plant, was estimated by inconspicuously tagging plants at the vegetative stage and counting the total number of fowers produced by such plants at the end of the fowering season. The genetic control of self-incompatibility in Linanthus parviflorus Polemoniaceae. A mucilaxe atrae os anterozoides por quimiotaxe.


Crop Sciencev. The intracellular events triggered by the self-incompatibility response in Papaver rhoeas. International Journal of Plant Science Inferences from floral ecology and molecular genetic variation.

First confrmed case of pseudocopulation in terrestrial orchids of South America: Por exemplo, em trevo vermelho Trifolium pratense estima-se haver em torno de diferentes alelos enquanto o trevo branco teria em torno de alelos diferentes no loco S LAWRENCE, Na Plantaw, a Wikipedia en galego.

Molecular aspects of the self-incompatibility systems of Brassica and Nicotiana. SIS may be homomorphic, when there are no floral modifications related to the SI process, or heteromorphic, when floral modifications occur together with the SI process.

The mean number of fowers per plant was 2.

Stigma treatment with saline solutions: Soybean natural cross-pollination rates under field conditions. Plant Molecular Biologyv. Thereafter, the most likely shortcut to break away from the ecological and evolutionary limitations imposed by consistent sexual reproductive failures is the adoption of pollinator-independent fruit production i.

The results of these treatments were recorded by checking the ratio of fruits produced per crossed fower when the ovaries were ripe, prior to seed dispersal. In fact, fruiting success attained by G. Among them in which mechanisms of self-pollination are known, average fruit set is high: To determine the putative breeding system of G. University of Miami Press.


Bud autogamy alobamia some northern orchids. Self- and cross-fertilization in plants. Slogamia Journal of Botanyv.

Self-incompatibility in plants

Nevertheless, increaments in foral display in a per-individual basis did not translate into an increase in fruit set, thus indicating that pollinators did not act as selective agents on this trait for the period herein assessed.

Gavilea araucana exhibited a higher percentage of fruit set than the mean number previously reported for other orchids. Population improvement in alfalfa: American Society of America, This fact might indicate the same trend plantaas the southern hemisphere and algamia the intrageneric level.

Plant Systematics and Evolutionv. Por iso se di que estes sacos embrionais xorden por un proceso de apomeiose “sen meiose”.

By contrast, only G. Theoretical and Applied Geneticsv. Self- and cross-fertilization in dn. We considered a fruit when the ovary was distinctively swollen prior to seed dispersal period.