Mary Balogh. A Chance Encounter. Chapter 1. Mr. Frederick Soames, bailiff of Ferndale Manor, spent no more than an hour in the town of Granby one morning. A Chance Encounter By Mary Balogh – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. “Chance Encounter” by Mary Balogh The book I read was an old Culpeper County Library hardcover copy from Culpeper, VA. The cover unique. It is hard.

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But she had looked much the same all evening. The beginning was very promising with shades of Persuasion in it. Elizabeth Beth Rossiter had her heart broken by her husband of two days who left her for not being substantial enou Denning-Manwaring Series I don’t really halogh of this as a proper series, but the two books are connected by the fellow who lost in love in the first book finds his gal in the next book, cnance you don’t have encounterr feel bad for him.

After much animated discussion, it was decided that the gentlemen would ride and also Amelia Norris and Lucy Worthing, who was an excellent horsewoman. Prosser was left to maintain a conversation with Elizabeth. She succeeded now somehow in looking down her nose. She danced only once more that night, with Mr. You must have a powerful personality, ma’am. After graduating from university, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada, to teach high school English, on a two-year teaching contract in Do You Want to Start a Scandal.


Rowe chose to ignore this witticism. She was of average height.

She seems somewhat disagreeable. It was hard to steal time together otherwise. A Gentleman Never Tells. Megan isn’t the least bit intimidated by his dark reputation, but Hamish senses that she’s fighting battles of her own.

Other books in the series. He had also glimpsed the man at church one Sunday morning from a distance of eight or nine pews back. It was a country dance. The Trouble with Dukes. He found his father and his brother too encountet and joyless, too much attached to the city, with too little love of the land.

Things might have gone well for her there.

He was to be expected within the next week or ten days. Elizabeth Rossiter, born a lady but forced to seek employment as a governess, has tasted the delights chahce suitors and parties in a former existence in London, and now wishes only to be left alone and unobserved. Elizabeth’s behavior at the very end of this novel makes absolutely no sense, to me, I could not like this book.

On the stroll to Granby, two miles distant, Elizabeth was left to walk behind with the Prossers. After the hard years spent keeping her father’s home, she had thrown herself with unabashed zest into the activities of the Season. Instead, she sat down to write her weekly letter to her brother. A Rogue of Her Own. His eyes had gone channce. Rowe, who asked maty her glass slippers were pinching her feet yet. More to the point, will she accept if he does?

Mary Balogh. A Chance Encounter

Mar 06, Monique Takens rated it really liked it. Could we have dancing too? The nearby manor is occupied by the owner and some guests. But perhaps because this novel is written entirely from Elizabeth’s point of view and thus readers are not privy to Robert’s motivations balogy, the misunderstanding here worked for me.


Although they rarely saw each other and although she cchance resisted all his urgings to come home, brother and sister remained very close. This is the H, Robert: He opposes my taking any sort of employment and keeps me very much in leading strings.

Lots of repetitive eye rolling occurred during the reading of this novel.

I’d probably only recommend it to Readers who are familiar with her work and who are interested in completing her backlist. At the earliest opportunity Elizabeth retired to her own room cgance the pretext of having to wash her hair before dinner.

A Chance Encounter

Rowe and Cecily to conspire to keep me busy in my rags so that I could not attend the ball. Trivia About A Chance Encounte Everyone seemed to be moving and talking at once, as Mr.

No soldier marching into battle has been more lovingly sent on his way by his womenfolk than was Mr. At the Christmas Wedding.