Westell/Versalink Gateway W Manual. products/pdf/ The Westell® VersaLink™ Gateway provides reliable. w) u • Read online or download PDF • Westell Technologies Versalink W User Manual. Westell W came out in and is still in use today as a simple and powerful DSL modem. Not only is the Westell W a wireless modem, it is also a wired.

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At the Save Web Page dialog box, select a destination for your log file from the Save in drop-down arrow. Select an option from the list provided at the Diagnostics Logs screen. For example, if you want to attach specific NAT services to a profile, or if you want to set up a different connection setting for a profile, you can create new NAT profiles and customize them to your preference.

How to Configure a Westell W Modem | It Still Works

Windows 98 SE 6. The termination on an interface may consist of any combination of devices subject only to the requirement that the sum of the Ringer Equivalence Numbers of all the devices does not exceed five.

This setting is only manjal if one of the Virtual Channels is configured for Bridge mode.

VersaLink will be reset and the new configuration will take effect. Windows will display the location of the driver Figure 9. If you clicked add, the following screen will be 327e.

  787-722 WAGO PDF

The Install Hardware Device Drivers window appears. In the field labeled Name your new location: HOME As you navigate through the various screens of VersaLink, the name of the active page that you have selected will appear in the upper-left corner of the screen, as shown below.

Otherwise, 327a 20 uses slot time is used.

Westell Technologies Versalink W User Manual | pages

Success VersaLink has successfully obtained the resolved address. Windows 98 SE Note: This screen will allow the modem to be reset and the new configuration will take effect.

The host name is entered in the input box. The rates are broadcast within the connection protocol as rates supported by the VersaLink.

Follow the instructions in this section to create a new network configuration for Macintosh OS X. It is not recommended that these settings be changed. After you enter your data into the appropriate settings, click on change. Ensure that an Go to Configuration at the homepage menu and select Services. You must be connected to manuual Internet to 372w this option. Westell has developed an extensive list of NAT services and you may select any service from this list. VersaLink has failed to obtain the resolved address.


From the Configure field in the Network screen, select Built-in Ethernet. However, if you choose to connect via USB, you must follow the instructions in this section. If you clicked on OK in the preceding pop-up screen, the following pop-up screen will appear. Items you will need Ethernet cable Phone line. This does not affect the configuration values.

Hollan Johnson is a freelance writer and contributing editor for many online publications.

It allows you to set the level of security you wish to have on your local network. Backup settings are 3227w in a separate area of flash, not to an external backup source. The DNS Server was unable to find an address for the given host name.

How to Configure a Westell 327W Modem

If mabual do not want to change your connection profile, click on close in the screen. Remember, you may attach an unlimited number of NAT services to any profile. The Getting Started screen will be displayed.