Polaris Sportsman HO Manual Online: Declaration Of Conformity. Polaris Polaris industries all-terrain vehicle owner’s manual ( pages). View and Download Polaris Sportsman EFI Touring owner’s manual online. Polaris Industries All Terrain Vehicle Owner’s Manual. Sportsman EFI. This Official Polaris Sportsman EFI Factory Owners Manual is the original factory owners manual that came with your Polaris ATV when it was new.

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Polaris Sportsman 400 Manuals

Failure to properly maintain the ATV. Toggle to the screen that displays either kilometers KM or miles MP. Follow the instructions on the container for the recommended amount. When- ever riding a Polaris vehicle, always wear shatterproof goggles or use a shatterproof helmet face shield. Do not install it in any other product. This means that the wheel on the outside of the turn must travel a greater distance than the inside wheel when turning and the inside tire must slip traction slightly.

Radiator Coolant Radiator Coolant To ensure that the coolant maintains its ability to protect the engine, Polaris recommends that you drain the system completely every two years and add a fresh mixture of antifreeze and water. Be constantly alert for hazards such as logs, rocks and low hang- ing branches.


In addition to showing vehicle speed, the speedometer needle flashes when a warning condition exists. Auxiliary Foot Brake The auxiliary brake system is intended to be used as a backup for the main brake system. Lubrication Guide However, if these components are subjected to severe use, grease zerks have been provided for additional lubrication at the user’s discretion. Dry out the PVT. Position the vehicle on a level surface with the headlight approxi- mately 25 ft.

Fed- eral law requires that this spark arrestor be installed and functional when the vehicle is operated on public lands. Choose a ppolaris where both banks have gradual inclines. Poor Visibility Operating the ATV in darkness or inclement weather could result in a collision or accident, especially if operating on a road or street.

Grease all zerk fittings immediately after washing. Stop and lock the parking brake while keeping body weight uphill.

Always follow these precautions when hauling cargo: Page of Go. Use caution when applying the auxiliary brake.

Owner’s Manuals

Always install Polaris- approved or equivalent accessories designed for ATV use. Do not allow hot oil to contact skin.

Page Polaris standard spogtsman warranty for this vehicle. Shows minor signs of wear from use. Avoid operating over large obstacles such as rocks and fallen trees when possible. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Both the main switch and the engine stop switch will shut off all electri- cal power to the vehicle, including lights. Towing Loads ATV warranty.



polarie Nothing flashy, just all the information you need for a co mplete repair and or rebuild of your Polaris that you can view on your Headlight Lamp Replacement When servicing a halogen lamp, don’t touch the lamp with bare fingers. Sixity stands for value, selection and quality. Battery Battery Installation Using a new battery that has not been fully charged can damage the bat- tery and result in a shorter life.

They do not allow enough ventilation to prevent condensation, and may promote corrosion and oxidation. If the fluid level is low and the diaphragm is not oners, a leak is likely and the diaphragm should be replaced. Automatic Transmission Gear Selector The transmission gear selector is located on the right side of the vehicle.