1. Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System
    Affordable price and easy installation. Best app on the market. Easy to link with other Blink security equipment. Free Cloud service. Connects to digital assistant. Product of AMAZON.
    Price starts: $66.99
  2. Smart Home Indoor Wireless Cam
    Under $50 with a great design that allows it to blend in with items on shelf. 120-degree view provides a wide range of viewing space within a room day and night. Connects to wi-fi for live viewing.
  3. Enter The Arena
    This spy surveillance camera looks like a phone charger plugged into an electrical outlet. Records on an interior SD card, but does not record sound.
  4. Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector
    This nanny cam looks like a smoke detector and is ideal when you want to observe and record secretly. No live feed, but records directly onto an SD card for up to 10 hours.
  5. Canary View Indoor Security Camera
    Cylinder design is noticeable, but looks much like an Alexa speaker. Wi-fi connected for live viewing. Wide angle lens and records audio.
Top 5 Nanny Cams 2019

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