Hiring a babysitter for your child is never easy. You try to do all the right things by asking friends for recommendations, interviewing potential babysitters, checking references and doing a background check.

But all that still may not be enough. The person you hire to take care of your children may turn out to be the wrong person. Watch for these signs of a bad babysitter.

  • Significant changes in your child’s behavior.
  • Your child acts fearful of the babysitter and screams excessively when you try to leave.
  • If the babysitter is secretive and want willingly answer questions about your child’s day.
  • If your child starts wetting the bed or having daytime accidents.
  • Unexplainable bruising on your child.
  • The babysitter frequently shows up late or cancels.
  • The babysitter does not follow your instructions.
  • Your child are always hungry, dirty and unkempt looking when you pick them up.
  • The babysitter doesn’t want to talk to you.
  • Inviting adults over when they’re supposed to watching your child.
  • Your babysitter always looks and acts exhausted.
  • If things start missing from your home and you suspect it’s the babysitter.
  • The babysitter spends too much time on the cellphone texting and playing games.
  • A gut feeling. A parent always has a gut feeling when something is not right with their child.

Listen to your gut when it’s warning you about a potentially bad babysitter.

Signs of a Bad Babysitter

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