Five Steps You Should Follow When Finding Your Babysitter Online
By Beth Howland

Finding a babysitter online has never been easier thanks to great online babysitting sites. In a matter of minutes, a family can get a list of qualified babysitters right in their local area.

The unfortunate reality is that most parents are not taking the necessary steps to ensure that they find quality babysitters because they simply read the babysitter’s biography, take it at face value, and then just tell her when to show up to watch the kids.

However, since anyone can list themselves as a qualified babysitter, it is very important to complete the following five step process when finding a babysitter on the internet:

1. Sign up for a Service You Like. On most sites, your family will pay a monthly (or annual) fee and receive a listing of sitters in your area that fit the criteria that you have selected.

2. Contact the Sitters Who You Feel are Good Candidates. You then can email and or call the babysitters that you are interested in meeting.

3. Check the babysitter’s references (provided by the service.)

4. Conduct a background check. (Some agencies will run this for you) If you expect the sitter to be transporting your kids, you may also want to do a driving record check.

5. Spend time interviewing the babysitter. This should include time to observe the sitter interacting with your children.

Keep in mind that the goal is to find the right babysitter who will be loving, responsible, nurturing and mature…not just the first available sitter that you can find.

Beth Howland is a reviewer of parenting products like Sittercity []. If you need help finding the right sitter for your family, visit [] for more information.

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Five Steps You Should Follow When Finding Your Babysitter Online
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