Find a Nanny – Babysitter Online – How Does it Work?
By Emily B

Finding a nanny or babysitter online can make a very hard job just a little easier. Instead of endless ads to place or read and pointless interviews that result in nothing, you can prescreen sitters and receive lists of prequalified nannies in and around your area – or even abroad, if you are looking for a live-in au pair.

Step 1 – Free search tool:

The first step is to find a preferably free search tool. Many online nanny finders are free or low cost, although a few do charge a fee to help cover additional services like criminal background checks.

Step 2 – Registration:

Second comes registration. You can usually choose how much personal information you want to divulge – some sites even offer a place to put a generic family profile that gives a rough outline without being overly personal.

Step 3 – Review profiles:

The third step consists of sifting through the potential candidates the service provides you, and contacting your top picks for an interview. The more specific you were in your own profile, the more closely matched to your needs the prospects will be.

Step 4 – Background check:

Fourth, you will want to conduct a background check. Some sites include a check in their service (particularly paid sites) but doing your own is a good idea. Many sites will only check in your own state, and it is easy for people to cross state lines laving serious criminal records behind.

Once you have followed these steps, it is time to meet your applicant and make sure that they are compatible with you and your child!

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Find a Nanny – Babysitter Online – How Does it Work?

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